They saw Giovanni and Shadow talking, so they hide

Shadow: So... tell me about your Freedom.

Shadow: Going back to my world. That is my freedom. It is... inexcusable.

Giovanni: Hmm, very good indeed.

Gumdramon: (Whisper) What's wrong with Shadow? He's never acted that way before.

Giovanni: I think that you made a mistake: you want to go back to your world. But.. I'm a forgivin guy. You keep your end of our little deal, and I'm willing to overlook a transgression or two.

Shadow: I know. Defeat Ash and take his Pikachu.

Giovanni: Even, his friends?

Shadow: What? No, I won't! Only Ash and Pikachu.

Giovanni: Oh, don't tell me you've forgotten whos in charge?

He use a Machine and absorb Drake's Power and he put bring out a small statue of Shadow

Giovanni: Ash, Pikachu, their friends, The Digimon and the Yokai. Are we clear?

Shadow: Yes.

Giovanni: Giovanni.

Shadow: Yes, Giovanni...

Giovanni: Good.

He stop the machine that absord his power

Giovanni: Now, go out there and finish them.

He left

Shoutmon: (Whisper) So that's how he control Shadow.

USApyon: What a Loser!

Whisper: He'd probably think that was a compliment.

Damemon: I can't stand seeing Shadow do that Lowlife's bidding... we've got to help him!

Whisper: Come on, let's go after him!

They saw him left to the tournament 

Ash: What's wrong, you guys?

Gumdramon: Shadow is in trouble! Giovanni is brainwashing him.

Komasan: And he's using a Statue of him.

Ash: You know Something? That sounds kinda familiar... Hmm.... Giovanni may be using the statue to hold Shadow's freedom as hostage.

Jibanyan: What can we do?

Ash: All we need to do is to find that Statue. It's gonna be somewhere from the Team Rocket's Lair.

Gumdramon: Okay.

Giovanni: What are you doing? Leave the game, right? You've have a match coming up.

Ash: My Pikachu fight Shadow in the final. One on one.

Pikachu: Pika?

Giovanni Oh, really?

Broly need to think of something

Ash: (Whisper to Gumdramon) I'll draw things out to buy you some time.

Gumdramon: But...

Ash: Just hurry up. I know you can do this!

Giovanni: Alright! You've got a deal.

Ash: Great! Come on, Pikachu!

Giovanni: On one condition! The Digimon, here, and his friends have to meet the winner in one final clash, what do you say?

Ash: That would make the crowd's go crazy...

Giovanni: It better be. I promised the crowd the event of their afterlvies.

Ash and Giovanni left

Giovanni: Ha, Loser! You know for me, the rest is smooth sailing.

Shoutmon: Alright! Let's go find the Statue!

They went off the find the Statue


Pikachu is fighting Shadow, and Ash and his friends are worried

Back to our Heroes

They found the Statue

Gumdramon: There it is!

He grab the Status and he got shock, even his friends are cause they touch each other

USApyon: What's happening!

Shadow: (Voice) It is not too late! Let us turn back! Yes, but I... I cannot accept it. Where is the sense in all this? But... there must be another way! Your prison will means nothing! You must find a way!

Gumdramon: I get it. This is must belong to Shadow's Heart.

Komasan: Wow, he has some rough life for this, Zura.

Gumdramon: Yeah, but in the end that what's makes him stronger.

USApyon: Now, let's give it back.

Then Nobodies appeared

Damemon: Huh!? Nobodies? How did they get here?

They saw more of them coming

Shoutmon: Leave us alone!

Then a Heartless Appeared and it's attacking the Dusk

Gumdramon: Don't know why, but... I'll take that!

Whisper: We better leave!

They went to the Team Rocket Tournament

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