They are at the Train Station

Wile: Guys, I think we're almost there.

Ace: What are talking about?

Wile: Haven't you notice the picture we have.

He show them the Photo

Wile: See, look at this.

Daffy: Oh, yeah! You're right!

Wile: Come on! Let's go find the Mansion!

They went off to the Mansion and they Found Fowlmouth and his friends Unconscious 

Ace: Kids! Are you alright!

They get up

Fowlmouth: We're Okay. We can out looking for Lexi. Then those White Creatures attack us.

Daffy: You have to be careful.

Ace: Yeah. We don't want you get hurt from them.

Hamton: Of course, we have too! Lexi is our friends, even she's our Teacher's granddaughter.

Ace: I see... you know. I never thought of it like that before.

Fifi: You know, this Mansion has some strange visitors.

Shirley: We thought this place might be a gateway to some kind of alternate Acme Acres.

Ace: Want does that mean?

Hamton: Um, Wile. Can we see that Crystal and Pouch.

He show them

Shirley: I made this pouch myself and I have it. But, there won't be two of them like that.

Fowlmouth: And this is Trophy that Max gave you. The one you left it.

Hamton: It's the only one of its kind. Same for the crystals- Red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, Turquoise, crimson, white, black, pink, brown, dark blue, teal, light blue, dark red, dark green and dark yellow- only one of each color. But you got you're own.

Fowlmouth: So... where did you get that?

Wile: The Pouch is for Bugs, when he gave the Munny for the Train ride he gave us the crystal too.

Hamton: But then... when did Bugs get it?

Fowlmouth: See? There's gotta be another town there like this one. That can explain how the King got that pouch and the Crystal. Everything makes sense.

Ace: It does?

Hamton: That other two must be where whatever's missing from here went!

Shirley: Like Lexi.

And: Now I get it!

Then Nobodies appeared and Bugs has saved them

Bugs: Be careful

They are fighting them and they defeated them

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