They are going to find Jak and they saw a Ship

Whisper: I saw an Abandon ship!

They saw it and they saw Jak Unconscious 

Keira: Jak!

Dexter: Phew

Keira: And stop that, Dex! We have to save him!

Hours later

Jak is on the bed, and then Usop is awake

Keira: Jak, you're alright. And, what's happen to you?

Jak: Well... The Medallions... and... the stone chest- someone's taken them... Next thing I know, the pirate got attacked... but I don't know who it was- I haven't seen his face from a black hood

Gumdramon: The Organization 15 Digimon!

Jak: I found a way out of the cave... but that Mysterious person sent a horde of scary monster after the  Pirate's.. I've seen those guys before... I think all the Pirates are gone, and I'm the only who survived...

Keira: Are you gonna be okay?

Jak: I'll be fine... I think I need to take a nap.

He take a nap.

Gumdramon: It's our turn.

Keira: We'd have to be prepared. We have no idea what's out there.

Dex: Well, whoever it is, I am going to kick his butt. But first, we're heading back to town. Cause we're set sail!

Keira: Just like that?

Dexter: Just like that!

He left the Dining room and he saw something

Dexter: I don't remember inviting you.

A Black Coated person appeared

Gumdramon: So it was the Organization. We'll handle this!

????: The Darkness of men's hearts- drawn to these cursed Medallions, and this Heartless- a veritable maelstrom of avarice. I wonder, are they worth to serve the Organization 15 Digimon?

Damemon: And you want to say something?

?????: Exactly!

He disappeared, and they fight the Heartless and they defeated it and it feel overboard 

USApyon: All, right!

Shoutmon: Not yet!

They saw the Black Coated person appeared, and he take off his hood it was Jokermon

Dexter: Alright, throw him overboard!

Gumdramon: Got it!

Jokermon: Parley!

Dexter: Huh?

Komasan: Parley?

Whisper: That one is a Pirate Code. Anyone who say "Parley" must not be hard til negotiation are complete.

Gumdramon: Why would we have to spend time with that?

Whisper: Well, it was they say, rules are rules. So, what are you gonna say.

Joker: I surrender the chest with my humblest apologies.

Dexter: So you're gonna take it back to where it belongs?

Jokermon: I will. First a few souvenirs... for a memories.

Dexter: Huh?

He Summon his Nobodies and they take 4 Four Medallion away

Komasan: Oh No! We cannot stop the curse, unless we get the Medallions back!

Dexter: Well, you have cross the line for this.

Jokermon: Oh really?

They saw the Heartless comes back to life

Dexter: Guys! He's all yours!

Then it blast them to the abandoned ship

Jokermon: Fire!

The Ship got blast from the Cannon from the the other ship

All: Guys!

Back to our Heroes

They survived and they saw Dexter look undead

Damemon: You stole the Medallions again?

Dexter: If I would be selfish for this.

Jibanyan: Selfish?

Komajiro: So why are you looking like an undead person, Zura?

Dexter: Last thing I know, that monsters attacked us even me. Yet, why is your body look so okay, except for me?

Whisper: Cause we're Yokai. We can't died.

They look at Whisper

Whisper: What? Oh, you mean the Digimon.

Gumdramon: That's still doesn't make sense to us.

Dexter has turned back to normal after he the Moonlight 

Komasan: Well... maybe the reason you're all okay is because you're not from this world.

USApyon: There must be a different law or something?

Shoutmon: Yep... we're always just passing through... (sigh) I wonder if we go back home again.

Gumdramon: Me too.

Damemon: So am I.

Whisper: Guys....

Shoutmon::(Laugh) We're kidding. Luckily we didn't get cursed from that gold.

Dexter: Would you be quite. We got to find a way to leave this place.

They went off and they saw a Nobodies

USApyon: Look!

They saw the Medallium with it

Dexter: A Medallium! Hurry!

They defeated the Nobodies and Luffy grab the Medallion

Dexter: We have to find three of them.

Shoutmon: How do you know?

Dexter: I always gets a keen eye. Or else he won't set sail free for very long.

Damemon: Huh? What's that?

They saw the Ship

Keira: We found Dexter and the others!

Dexter: They finally found us. Let's get onboard.

After they, they saw Dexter look undead 

Jak: Oh no, Dexter. Look what they done to you.

Dexter: Well, it's not good for a rotten body's like that.

Shoutmon: It's the Organization 15 Digimon. They're the ones behind it all.

Whisper: I wonder where they went.

Jak That crazy joker took the chest and his monster with him into some strange hole.

Keira: We saw them leave from inside the men's cabin.

Dexter: And you cannot fight them much?

Jak: There's so many of them.

Dexter: Then what should we do?

Keira: Gumdramon. I think we'll need your help.

Gumdramon: Sure.

Keira: First, let's find all the Medallions. Otherwise, the curse will be broken, and the monster will remain invisible.

They are fighting the Medallion and they got them all

Gumdramon: That's four Medallion. We got them all.

Dexter: Now how should we find the chest?

Jak: If we find the Hooden Joker. We'll find him.

Shoutmon: Maybe at the Town.

Keira: How come?

Shoutmon: Organization 15 Digimon are after the People hearts. So they're gonna go wherever there's lots of people.

Jak: So. They are gonna hurt them?

Dexter: Looks like we have to set sail to town. And I don't know these Organization Digimon's are. But I'm gonna say they're making pirates look like proper gents.

Jak: Well, Dexter, then... we have to help!

Dexter: Then let's go back!

They went back to town

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