They made it to the Building and it look Destroyed

Shoutmon: Whoa!

X: I guess, Sigma destroy this place.

And they saw Chill Penguin and the others

USApyon: There you are!

Chill Penguin: Can you just leave us alone?

X: Do you know anything about Vile's ghost?

Storm Eagle: I don't know, about Vile's Ghost. But maybe.

X: So you did now!

They are fighting them and they defeated them

Launch Octopus: Wow! You got us!

Armor Armadillo: What do you want from us?

X: Haven't you heard? Tell me about Vile's ghost!

Chill Penguin: Sorry. We don't know anything.

Storm Eagle Wait! I think I know! That's the one that only hangs out around is you.

Then Vile ghost appeared

Chill Penguin: Looks like he's here.

Gumdramon: X! Do something.

He look so scared

Vile Ghost: Well, X. How does it feel to become a Maverick Hunter? Well, ou must be truly inspiring hunter for now. After all, you ARE the B-Class Hunter.

He run away

Shoutmon: Where are you going?!

Vile ghost: Looks like he has run away from me.

He Disappeared 

Chill Penguin: Looks like he's gone. Bye.

Komasan: Oh no. I guess. Signa was right.

Damemon: You mean, X still unsure?

Whisper: Seems so. Do you there's a way we can help?

Gumdramon: Well... We should start by talking to X some more. Let's head back to Headquarter

They went back to Paris and they met up to Axl

Axl: Where's X?

Gumdramon: Well, you see... He ran away!

Signa: I knew this would come to him. But to face his fears, he must go somewhere where the only thing to think of is what to do, not what others think of him.

Shoutmon: Why didn't you just say so?

Jibanyan: But where's X, nyan?

Rush: I know! He's at the place where he was created. Dr Light created me before X got create

Damemon: Alright! Let's check it out!

Axl: I'll help you find him.

Rush: No, you can't! X will stay away from us, because of what did to zero. And if he's knows, he run away!

Axl: Oh... okay.


X is sad

X: Dr Light?

Then Vile ghost appeared 

Vile Ghost: Well. It seem ever you creator abandoned you. How sad.

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