Wile: Um, you Guys. I don't think we didn't find out about the mysterious message.

Daffy: Oh, yeah... Huh?

Then Duck has appeared on the Monitor 

Duck: Guys, I have some big news. A new world has shown up inside the journal.

Wile: What are you talking about?

Duck: I've found another door leading to extra data. Somebody must have added it once all the other days was restored.

Bugs: And after we explore that world

Duck: Yep. Then we'll find out about the mysterious message.

Bugs: Alright! Let's ask Ace to...

Daffy: Oh! There might be a problem.

Wile: When fix all the Data, everything in the normal wen tback to the way it started, you know?

Tweety: Which means that Ace's journey through the Datascape- it never happen to him. And, for now he's just the same bunny he was before he ever met any of us.

Duck: I'm okay. My partition isn't affected. But Ace- we can't send him out there when he doesn't know what's going on.

All: {Sigh)

Then Bugs got an Idea

Bugs: I know! Hey, Duck. Can you help me get back into the Datascape one more time?

At Traverse Town

Road Runner saw Ace Unconscious so he peak him

Ace: Ugh. Huh?

Road Runner peak him harder

Ace: Ouch!

He get up and he's not in Acmetropolis

Road Runner: Beep Beep!

He ran off

Ace: Wait! Strange?

He ran off too, and he saw Bugs

Bugs: Ace, this was the day that your journey begin. I kknow because I was here too. It's time for the truth.

Ace: Where am I? How'd did I ended up here? And who are you?

Bugs: I'm Bugs Bunny. I've come here from another kind of world and Timeline.

Ace: What? Another kind of world and Timeline?

Bugs: "Their hurting will be mended when you return to end it." It's a message. And you're the only one with the power to solve the mystery behind it? So we really need your help.

Ace: My power? What do you mean?

Then he's sword appeared

Ace: What the? Is that a New Sword?

Bugs: You may not remember, but it's clear you still hold the power inside you. Think you'd be willing to lend us a hand? You might able to help us figure out the Truth.

Ace: Man, I don't have a clue what's happening? I don't, but at the same time... what you're talking to me feel kinda familiar. So this first you're talking about, do you think it's involves me somehow?

Bugs: You knows, I'm not so sure. Maybe, I get the sense it's something important you need to know.

Ace: If it's information that I'm supposed to know then, well... Okay, Bugs. I will help.

Bugs: Okay, just follow my lead.

He make a Symbol of a Card and Ace aim his sword to the Symbol and they got teleported 

He made it in Castle Oblivion 

Ace: Do you think the truth is Hiding somewhere? Bugs? Looks like he left on his own.

Then he's saw a Black Coated Person

Ace: Who are you?

????: Me? I'm a Fragment. In this place, to find is to lose, and to lose is to find. That's the way of things, here in Castle Oblivion.

Ace: Castle Oblivion?

????: Yes. Here, you will meet the people you know. People that you care about.

He gave him a card 

Ace: This is... a Card. With a Picture on it.

????: Use this card and press on. You will find the truth that sleeps up ahead.

He disappeared 

Ace: Wait! Hold it! Hmm.... But how am I supposed to use this? He should just told me that much. And why does he seem so... familiar?

He use the Card and went to the Door

He's in a room

Ace: What just happen?

Then a Black Coated Person appeared

???: This card's is special. It will let you to see people. Well, Illusion of course. They're from Tweety's Journal. It's all of the very same data that you worked so hard to fix?

Ace: Tweety? What did I fix? I don't know what you're talking about.

????: Oh, sorry. Somebody must have set a reset button to your memory. All you have a memory was leaving the city? Just the same, you'll remember the people you meet here. At least, you should be.

Ace: I don't know. What is it that I'm supposed to do?

???: Whatever you want.

Ace: Why?

????: There is no script to follow. The journey's the closest thing you've got, but that doesn't mean you'll see the thing it said. And who really cares? Everything that happens here and everyone you meet is just an illusion.

Ace: So you're saying... I can do whatever I can do?

???: Of course.

He disappeared 

Ace: wait, come back!

He saw his Friends, and they are talking to them

After that, he saw a Black Coated Person 

Ace: Well, you did a great job, Ace.

Ace: Wait a minute... Duck? Why are you here?

Duck: I have something for you from a friend of mine that you neee to see. It'll help you.

Ace: Okay? What is it?

Duck: A Hidden Truth that's nowhere to be found even in the deepest corners of your memories. And it's something I want you to see. And even, Something I want you to feel.

Ace: I knew you wouldn't ask if it wasn't really important. I'll do this.

Duck: Thanks, Ace. Now then, close your eyes.

He close his eye and he saw Duck looking at the Moon and grab it and he look at Lexi who look sleepy

Ace: Wasn't that... Duck. And Lexi. That's it. I was on a Journey to find my team, you, Lexi, Tech, Rev and Slam.

Duck: The darkness has been taken over my heart, and Lexi lost her completely. And for the others, I got separated from them. But at the end of your journey, you would have save us, Ace. Think about it? What did Lexi, the others and I have in common? When you watched, what did you feel?

Ace: Something you have in common...

Duck: That was "hurt." We all had lost ourselves, and we were hurting in the way we'd never hurt before. There's no greater pain in the world... I ask you, Ace: What would you have done?

Ace: I've could just helped you of course. All of you! I'd've figured out how to undo the hurt.

Duck: I knew you said that. And you're right, you would. Or should I say, you will.

Ace: That's was a relief. So, then was wih the sneak preview?

Duck: I just wanted you to see. You always make the right choices. On the road ahead, more than one truth will come to light. You'll forget things, lose things that you care about and it won't always make sense. It'll be mad, and it'll make you frustrating. It may even hurt so badly you'll feel like you're about to lose yourself. But don't worry, Ace. That won't happen to you. You won't let it. You're like a super hero. No matter how much pain they throw at you, you'll rise it up, and leave things little bit better. Just follow your heart, and you can change the lives of not one, but many. You don't have to do anything special. Just do what do- be yourself. After all, that's what you're good at. Do what feel right to you.

Ace: Okay.

Duck: But safe, Ace.

He disappeared 

Ace: Huh? Strange? No one is here now.

???: So Ace. How was it? Did you have fun talking and hanging with the Ghost?

Ace: They are not ghost.

????: So do you know what there names are?

Ace: Boy, I don't ever have to think- what...? Why can't I.... remember? I know them

???: like I told you, everything in this case is just an illusion. And once the illusion is gone, you'll forget all about your reunion.

Ace: I'll forget?

???: Look, it's no big deal. The fact that you can't remember them just mean they weren't very important to you to begin with. Isn't that right?

Ace: That's crazy! Of course my friends are always important to me! Alright, maybe I forgot... what just happened and who i met inside that room. And trust me, I know I'll remember everything else!

???: Hmph. I'm sure.

He gave him 5 card's 

Ace: You gave more cards?

???: All of those Cards were created from the data in the Journal. And all of them will show you more illusions. But for now on, the illusion won't be of your friends. You're fresh off the city's which makes everyone you meet total strangers. Here's a fun little thought. The folks you're about to see? You can right them all you like.

Ace: What? 

????: Why are you cared? They're only strangers. Actually, illusions of strangers. Just a collection of empty bits of data. They won't be able to make the distinction between what's real and what's not. They'll look at the white walls of this Castle, and what they'll see are the world's they call home. anyway, the truth would be water on them, so why bother? They're only there until they're not . Do you see where I'm going with this? Nothing is real.. You can break the little heart they don't have, and then forget about it. Not hard feelings, no baggage. It's that simple. You don't have a heart. It's 100 percent guilt-free.

Ace: It's obvious you know nothing at all. Everything you said is a lie. I might have the strength to hurt someone, but what exactly would be the point? I know... that it would year me up inside. That ache... would Sarah with me for a long time. You might not know it now, but I hope you'll see, that nothing is guilt-free in this world.

???: You've arrived at the first question.

Ace: What?

He disappeared 

Ace: What's with him? So with these cards, I'm gonna run into people form the past. I have no idea why. But it's gonna be fun.

He is talking to Giroro, Tom, Jerry and Spike and they disappear and he left the room

Ace: That guy wasn't kidding around. I really can't remem who it was I met just now. Or do I?

He wants to know and nothing happens

Ace: (Sigh) I give up. I don't remember 

He feeling something form his chest

Ace: That's funny? I don't know what it is. Wait a minute, is this... that heartache feels like? Just thinking about them... causes pain inside. Wait. If I really forgot about all those friends completely, that would mean I shouldn't be missing anyone. Now that make sense. So I haven't forgotten all of it then! There's got to be more I still don't know. I just need to find something to trigger my memory! Alright! Let's jet!

He went to the door

He was talking to Coco, Crash, Aku-aku and Cortex and they disappear, Ace left the Room and saw a Black Coated Person

????: So Ace's how was your time with- who was it again?

Ace: I don't remember anything at all. But you already knew that, haven't you?

????: You look pretty calm. Guess you decided they weren't worth stressing over. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Ace: That's not right.

???: Huh?

Ace: It just like you said; everyone I met I can't remember. But still, I'm angry that I've forgotten them. I feel moments of loneliness. You said there would be no hard feelings, but I was Hurt. When the memories are gone, they just leave whole. And having that longing inside me hurts. But it'll help me, somewhere down the road. It's they key I'll need to unlock all my memories.

???:... You are right.

He disappeared 

He was talking to Goku, Master Roshi, Kevin and Spike, they disappear and left the room 

???: The Sadness of knowing you forgot someone wjo matters to you, something like that'll gnaw at you forever. But did you bleeive that something by carrying around that kind of hurt, you'll be able to retrieve the memories you lost. That's what you're thinking, right, Ace?

Ace: Of course.

???: (Laugh)

Ace: Why are you laughing?

????: I cannot believe that you fell for it so easily.

Ace: What?

????: I said to you when you arrived. Remember, in this place, to find is to lose, and to lose is to find. Well, you've lost your memories and that's only thing you found in return... is hurt. And by deciding that hurt was the key to remembering, you gave up all hope of ever being free from it! The hurt owns you know, Ace. Don't you get it? That hole in your heart will grow bigger, until darkness finally claim it!

Ace: The darkness... Was this all just all a big trick to pull myself in?

???: I guess so. And all it took you a handful of illusion. Your heart was just way too easy to break, Ace.

Ace: That's not true!

He disappeared 

He is talking to Raimundo, Clay, Omi, Kimiko and Dojo and they disappear, Ace left the room 

???: You can't just keep running?

Ace: What?

???: Why would you keep the hurt inside? Just tell yourself you need to forget about the people you met in the first place. You'll have no one to miss. No cause for loneliness. No hurt to keep eating away at your heart. 

Ace feel something in his heart

Buster: Ace, it's you call. Cling to the memories you've lost, and the hurt they bring, till you've dragged into the darkness. Otherwise, let it all go and then you can be free and happy. This decision... is completely yours.

He disappeared 

Ace: Stop!

Then he look at the Card

Ace: Should I use that? But if I were to do that, then I'd meet a friend, and forget right now. I don't know if I want this. It's just going to bring more hurt. And if he's right about that, the darkness will eventually... take over me completely. (Sigh) But I don't see any other way out of here. My guess is this card is my only option. That is unless, I let go of the hurt. Once I go out of the room, I'll forget all about what happened and everyone I have met. Instead of carrying the hurt around until it consumes me, maybe I should let it go. What's inside my heart? What am I supposed to do? (Sigh) I think I'm gonna lost it.

Bugs: (Voice) Hey, Ace! Can you hear me?

Ace: Huh? I know that voice! Bugs, is that you? Where are you?

Bugs (Voice) I'm sorry, Ace. I'm still trying to find a way to get to you. Right now, the best I can do is to send my voice to where you are.

Ace look down

Ace: It's alright. Hey, Bugs? Maybe you can help me with something. I keep forgetting people I meet in this place. And this Person said if dwell on what I've think the hurt is gonna to take over me. And I don't like that.

Bugs: I know. The question is, are you okay with letting go of the people that you've forgotten?

He saw an illusion of Wile, Taz and Daffy

Ace: Who are they?

Bugs: Wells even though you may not remember them... they definitely remember you. You'll always be a really good friends to them, no matter what happens.

Daffy: That's right! We've been on adventures and I'll never forget you.

Wile: And even if you don't ever really know who we are, I hope you'll remember that you'll always be special to us.

Ace: How could that be?

Bugs: (Voice) Why don't you ask your heart? What are you feeling right now, Ace?

Ace: I don't know... what this is. Who are these three? I don't think that we've ever met. But I feel... I know them.

Bugs: (Voice) Memories can disappear, but feelings don't... not ever when your data was reset. Inside your heart, the adventures you shared with the friends you made in the Datascape will always love on. And you know why? I think thsts also true for all the time you spent with the people that those cards showed to you.

Ace: So it's not what's missing that causing the hurt. It's actually what's NOT missing. If that's true-

Then he saw Daffy, Taz and Wile disappeared 

Ace: What the? 

Bugs: (Voice) Oh No! Look like I've used up too much power. I'll be there soon, Ace. I promise. Just try and hold on a little bit longer for me, alright?

He's voice has disappeared 

Ace: Bugs! (Sigh) I'm now alone again. I hated feelings like that. (Gasp) I wonder... Does this count as hurt? If I let it, will this pull me into the darkness?... I can do that. There's no going back. Just one more card left.

Ace is facing with Black Doom and Sylvester and they disappear, and Ace left the room and saw the Black Coated Person

???: You've used up all the cards, I take it? I would ask if you enjoyed your little trip... but we both know that you've forgotten it. Bet you're feelings pretty empty now.

Ace: Nope, I want. I may not remember who I met, but I do remember that I met them. And knowing that I've forgotten them... I miss them so much.

???: So your hurt. I was worried. Don't you reme what I said? They hurt will drag you down into the darkness. You have to get rid of all of it.

Ace: No I can't. I can keep the hurt because it reminds me of something important. It let me know that what I've forgot is terrible. That's enough. I won't run from it. It'll stay inside of my heart, until the day I remember.

???: The Darkness will take you first.

Ace: If I could put the hurt aside. I'll lose my ties to all the people that I care about. My mind's has been made up. I may end up falling into the darkness, but I'll carry this with me. I'll only get rid of it when I remember everything, and not a day sooner than that. I'll keep the hurt with me for the time being. It's all that I have. It's what holds the pieces in place. I accept it.

The Black Coated Person looks Angry

???: You're saying your accept it? It wasn't a game!

They have been teleported and bring out two sword

???: It's way past time that you learned what fall hurt feels like!

They begin to fight and Ace Defeated him

???: Come on, Ace. Do it. Defeat me!

Ace can't do it

???: Why won't you... I see. You see me from my disguise. I'm just like everyone else you've becoming this place- made of data. I'm not even worth the effort, is that what it is? Guess there's no point in destroying something if it never existed. Wasn't that right?

Ace: No quite. You say that you're an illusion, but your certainly pack a really big punch. You said that you'd snow me hurt. And you weren't wrong.

???: (Gasp)

Ace: Actually, the hurt that I just felt... was more than that. Sure, it might have hurt while we were fighting but I sensed a different kind of hurt from you. It was kind of like... an intense, sharp pain. But it... felt sort of familiar, almost like it was my own. As of we'd been connected, like right then we shared the same hurt. If somehow, it brings me closer to people in that kind of way... ha! Then carrying around a little hurt can't be all that bad.

???: (Sigh) "Can't be all that bad"? Okay, I give up. Here

He gave him a card

???: You have pass, Ace. Congratulations, you understand hurt. Now, use this to find the truth.

Ace: What are you talking about?

???: My role was to see if you were ready to take ownership of the hurt inside you? And now that role is done. Nothing left for me to do, but... go away with my friends.

Ace: You're going to see you're friend?

???: Nope, I don't know where they are. But... I know that place where they are.

Ace: A place... like where?

He went to Ace

Ace: What wss that? Ive got those memories that don't belong to me. A place to call home. And a sunset, that's comforting. My first and my last...

???: Summer Vacation.

Ace: You can rest easy to my mind. I've got you now.

He walk to the door and then Bugs appeared

Bugs: Ace!

Ace: Bugs!

Bugs: I'm so relieved k finally found you! Sorry that it took me so long. I know you ended up having to do all the work on your own. I just couldn't get here sooner.

Ace: It's alright. You're here now. Look.

He show him a card

Ace: If I use this card, it'll lead us to the truth.

Bugs: Is that right? The message said, "Their hurting will be mended when you return to end it." Maybe now we can finally solve it. 

Ace: Let's find out.

He's use the card and they went to the door

They saw Marina

Ace: Who are you? It's like when I met Bugs. I don't know you, but you're familiar.

Marina: Nice to meet you, Ace. I'm Marina. You may not know who it is I am, but I know things about you.

Ace: Um... so... what exactly is going on?

Bugs: I'll tell you, Ace. There was a Timex when you lost every one of your memories. But everything turned out to be okay because Marina helped you through it.

Ace: Man, you really did that for me, Marina? You deserve a thank you.

Marina: I don't. I put your memories back together that part is true. But it also me... I was the one who took them apart in the first place. Not only that, the reason all of the bugs appeared in Tweety's Journal... that was me.

Both: (Gasp)

Bugs: Tell us what you mean, Marina.

Marina: It all began with these memories that were sleeping away down deep- deep in Ace's heart.

She show them a light Orb

Ace: Those were my memories?

Marina: Well, no, they're not yours. They belong to people who are connected to you.

Ace: What? Isn't it weird for somebody else's memories to be inside me?

Marina: Yep, usually it's impossible. When I first found them awhile repairing your memory, I thought i had made some sort of mistake. But then, we search for answers, all the evidence I found proved they belong in your heart. Ace will have to awaken these memories, but this is where they will sleep until that time comes. They are important... and yet, dangerous too.

Bugs: Marina, how come they're dangerous?

Marina: These memories, all of them are too painful. Handled the wrong way. They could damage Ace's Hearts even break it. That's why I needed from Ace to find a way to face that kind of hurt. So I left the message for all of you.

Bugs: "Their Hurting will be mended when you return to end it." That was you. You're the one who left us that message.

Marina: When I unraveled Ace and the other's memories, it also erased the words in Tweety's Journal. That book was filled with mages and pages of memories from your first adventure. It shows how deeply the journal and Ace are connected. When I took Ace's memories apart, they stayed in his heart. It may have looks like they were gone, but they were there the whole time. Even after the text disappeared from the journal, the memories remained. That's why you were able to render them as data?

Bugs: Yes, but the data we got was a mess, and then all those Bugs appeared. Tweety never wrote about any bugs.

Marina: That was... me, too. When I added these memories to the journal, I also added all this "hurt." I though that maybe if you fought the bugs that sprang from these memories, you might learn to face the hurt in the memories themselves.

Bugs: So that's what it was. I haven't Realize you have to go through so much trouble to get us to investigate this hurt, Marina.

Marina: I'm sorry. I wish I could have told you this in person. But the real me is gone. She doesn't exist now.

Ace: Um, guys. You... may have lost me a few minutes ago.

Marina: You don't have to understand it. You have already learned how to face the hurt, Ace.

Ace: I have?

Marina: You certainly did. At time, the pain can be wiped away. But there's also a pain that always stays with you. There's only one way to deal with that; you face it head-on and then you accept it. And if it happens that the hurt is too great for you to bear it alone. Well. Then you turn to a friend close to your heart.

Ace: It'll bring us closer together; the hurt will only make us stronger. Alright! I'll try this! I'm ready to face all those memories that you found. It might be painful to me, but I can take it.

Marina: Ace...

Bugs: Hold on! You're not in this alone. Always remember, I'm here, too.

Ace: Yeah.

Marina: Thank you. Just touch this. But don't be afraid. You'll feel all of the memories that are locked inside flow right into your hearts.

Bugs and Ace are holding hands together and touch the Orb, Ace know is painful to him

Bugs: Ace, be strong!

They saw Ken, Buster and his friends

Ace: Who..?

Marina: These are hidden truth. Ace has been keeping them locked away, deep inside of him. Remember, these memories you're feelings they won't belong to him.

Then they saw Marina and the Perfecto Team

Ace: Marina, that's you. Who are these guys? They look familiar? And something happen, something bad. Was it?

Marina: They're waiting for Ace. He's the only one who can put an end to their hurt. ZoN told me... he hid something inside of you during 3 years you were sleeping. I asked him why, and all he would say was that he was "clearing his conscience." Ace must be the key to saving the people you saw... and the one's you'll about to see

They saw Antuari, Sparx, Gibson, Nova and Otto

Bugs: That wouldn't be!

Marina: Maybe you'll know how much they're hurting. These five were the keys, too. They were connection to the Animal Warriors truth.

Then everything is gone

Marina: And they're still connected Ace, somewhere way down deep inside of him.

Ace: Weird, I feel as though... I've met them.

Marina: Of course, the 3 of them, you have met. But as for the fourth, he wasn't there with the others, before he's other friend is gone. And for the fifth, I never Realized it, but... you and he share a very special connection.

Ace: Of course.

Bugs: Marina. You said Ace has to call these memories to the surface is it time?

She nodded means no

Marina: I don't know for sure. But I do now, a day will come when they must rise from their sleeps. And then, the only one who can save them, will be Ace.

Bugs: The bond they all share- thats gonna be the key, was it? Don't worry, Marina. I'll make sure I pass this on to Ace you know the one in the outside world!

Marina: Please do.

Bugs: Okay.

They look happy

Marina: Well...

Ace: Just a minute!

Marina: Huh?

Ace: Our promise... Your promise to the me I don't know . You kept it, right?

Marina: I may be gone for now, but my promise to him are forever. And anyways I owe this much. For all the... all those people that I hurt.

Ace: So what will happen to YOU- the one you're standing right here?

Marina: I'm really just data made to pass along a message. I shouldn't exist right now in this journal at all. And now the record of me will disappear. But when you pass my message on the other Ace. Just remember to tell him the things that you've seen and that you've felt. If you do that then we'll be at rest- her, and me too.

Ace: Along with everybody connected to Ace... Marina, you got it.

Marina: Good.

Ace: Oh, right.

Marina: Hm?

Ace: I think I forgot I have a message for you, too.... Thank you.

She smile and she disappeared into Data

Bugs: (Narrating) And so ended our journey to connect "those" memories with "these." Ace, when Marina's word are passed on to you, when the day comes that you learn of this great unknown and mysterious adventure, it's important that you understand, whatever you feel in your heart, that's what "he" felt in his.

When you walk away You don't hear me say please Oh baby, don't go Simple and clean is the way that you're making me feel tonight It's hard to let it go

You're giving me too many things Lately you're all I need You smiled at me and said,

Don't get me wrong I love you But does that mean I have to meet your father? When we are older you'll understand What I meant when I said "No, I don't think life is quite that simple"

When you walk away You don't hear me say please Oh baby, don't go Simple and clean is the way that you're making me feel tonight It's hard to let it go

The daily things like this and that and what is what that keep us all busy Are confusing me That's when you came to me and said,

Wish I could prove I love you But does that mean I have to walk on water? When we are older you'll understand It's enough when I say so And maybe some things are that simple

When you walk away You don't hear me say please Oh baby, don't go Simple and clean is the way that you're making me feel tonight It's hard to let it go

Hold me Whatever lies beyond this morning Is a little later on Regardless of warnings the future doesn't scare me at all Nothing's like before

When you walk away You don't hear me say please Oh baby, don't go Simple and clean is the way that you're making me feel tonight It's hard to let it go

Hold me Whatever lies beyond this morning Is a little later on Regardless of warnings the future doesn't scare me at all Nothing's like before

Hold me Whatever lies beyond this morning Is a little later on Regardless of warnings the future doesn't scare me at all Nothing's like before

After the Ending

Bugs is writing down a Letter for the Loonatic

Bugs: (Voice) I wanted to tell you right now... about Memories from the that sleep within you, and... about the prices that will tie you to your future. Ace, Duck, Tech, Rev, Slam, Lexi.... The truth behind the Warriors has found its way through so many people, and now I know that is rest in your hearts. Grandson. You are who you are because of those people, but they're are in trouble. And you are the only one who can end their sadness, they need you. It's possible that all your journey's so far have been preparing you for this great new task there waiting for you. I should have known there were no coincidences, only links in a much larger chain to events. And now the door for your next journey is ready to be open.

Bugs is at the Mysterious Tower

Bugs: Yen Sid, I think we're finally close to figuring out where Sparx's heart is.

Yen Sid: Is that so? Then that leaves to Antuari.

Bugs: Yep. And we need to do is to save all five of them.

Yen Sid: Hmm... the question is: What does Skeleton King intend to do next?

Bugs: Skeleton King? But his two halves are gone. There was Mephiles the Hedgehog, who commanded the Heartless... and Enma the Money, who commanded the Nobodies. Didn't my Grandson defeat them both?

Yen Sid: Correct, those two met their end. However, therein lies exactly our problem. Their destruction now guarantees the original Skeleton King's reconstruction.

Bug: Hm?

Yen Sid: Skeleton King's heart, once seized by his Heartless half, is now free. And his body, which has become his nobody, has been vanquished. Both halves will now be returned to the whole. In short... this mean Skeleton King will return.

Bugs: And do you think... you think that maybe he's gonna try something?

Yen Sid: A monster like Skeleton King will have left many roads open.

Bugs: Well, it doesn't matter what he's gonna do. Me and my Grandson, we'll be ready, and Duck, Tech, Rev, too!

Yen Sid: Yes, they are quite strong. But... not true Animal Warriors, like you. Tell me... would ask for one of you suffice if what you faced was not a single one of him?

Bug: Huh? What are you saying?

Yen Sid: Bugs, please summon Ace hither. Duck, Tech and Rev, as well.

Bug: Okay... but... why?

Yen Sid: To show us the Mark of Warriors.

Six Animal has been Unconscious

Ricky: That was more difficult than I though, but at least things are on track. Lord Enma is nowhere to bee seen, so that means... the party's has been finished, right?

????: Of course.

Ricky: Boy, does that Skeleton King scare me like nobody's business, the way he can see into minds. And it doesn't help that no one knows what it was that Skeleton freak wants. I wonder if ever you know what's going on inside your own mind.

????: I will be led... wherever it is I am destined to go.

Ricky: Looks like you don't have a clue on your own like that. Much like my friend from the other room over there.

???: Every Animal Warriors is bequeathed a Sword of his very own. With the passing of time, as you can imagine, more and more Animal Warriors were forged to be handed down. But of all the Swords in existence. Skeleton King's is the most ancient. That was my destiny. But it has yet... to become a reality.

Ricky: Look, it's alright. This is all connected to the Ancient Warriors War, isn't that right? Whatever, I got my hands full for all of my plans. So, which poor soul would it be?

???: Hmph. A-

Reconnect. Kingdom Hearts (Loonatic Stories)

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