They made it to Lunatea and everything is okay

Looks: Everything looks okay.

Tata: Well, now. Look who decided to show up today.

USApyon: What are do you mean? Is that a problem?

Chippo: Nope.

Leorina: We're so relief you're not in black coat.

Lolo: You saw him?

Joka: Yes- he's at the Palace.

They went to the Palace and then Heartless, they are fighting them and they defeated them

Lolo: To the Palace! Hurry!

They went to Palace and they gate is locked

Popka: It's locked!

Klonoa: Hey! Let's us in!

Shoutmon: Open up!

They try to pull and push the Gate, Lolo saw the vine heading up to the Tower

Lolo: We should climb up there!

They are climbing up the Vine, Lolo fall off, luckily she caught her Grip, they are climbing up to the tower, and they made it here, and they saw a Black Coated Person

Popka: Stop!

Then the Black Coated Person heard

Shoutmon: Psychemon..

He's friends look so confused, and it wasn't Psychemon. It was Devimon

Devimon: Nope! Not really!

Then Nobodies appear, they are fighting them, and Devimon is running Away, after that they defeated them, Shoutmon look so confused 

Whisper: I guess it wasn't Psychemon. Sorry. Shoutmon.

Klonoa: We can't stay here. We have to see the High Priestess.

Shoutmon: Okay!

They went to see the High Priestess

Klonoa: High Priestess! Guntz! Something terrible has happened!

Popka: We saw a huge monster fly out of the mountain and towards Lunatea!

High Priestess: I see. So it is as the young man said. Isn't that rights, Guntz?

Guntz: Y-Yes.

High Priestess: You see, a young stranger visited us know long ago. Guntz fought the visitor, but was quickly defeated.

Guntz: It's my bad.

High Priestess: It seems that young man was the one in black that I have heard whispers about.

Shoutmon: Did he mention the name Psychemon?

High Priestess: He didn't offer his name. He said very wise.

Shoutmon: That's Psychemon, alright.

Gumdramon: I don't get it. Why did he was in the Organization Digimon? Do you think, Dracmon and Opposummon is with him?

Damemon: I don't know.

Lolo: But why would he come here?

Then they heard a rumbling sound

Popka: We'll check outside.

Klonoa: Lolo, you stay here.

Lolo: Klonoa... be careful.

Klonoa: Don't worry. I'll be fine with them!

Shoutmon: Th- that's right!

High Priestess: Indeed. That is true: We need not worry while you protect us.

USApyon: Come on!

They left the Tower

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