They made it here and it looks like a Court and then a Little Robot is making the sound of a Trumpet

Robot: This court is now session.

Samus: I am on the Trial? For what?

Then a Purple Dragon Appeared

Ridley: From me. Samus, you are the Culprit. And there's no doubt about it. And the reason is... Because I say so that's why.

Samus: What are you talking? I'm not responsible for this.

Ridley: So, do you have anything to say for your defends?

Samus: I was. Because I didn't do anything wrong, you may be my enemy. But I don't think that you have to be so... Angry in rage.

Ridley: (Roar) I'm gonna get you for this!

Damemon: Oh No, should we help her out.

USApyon: We could, but...

Whisper: We're outsider, and doesn't mean it would be muddling?

Jibanyan: Meddling, nyan!

Whisper: And that's right. And it's against the rules.

Ridley: And I find out that you are.... Guilty!

Samus: Huh?

Ridley: For the things that you done, for trying to let them have my heart.

Shoutmon and his friends know what he said

Ridley: Now! Destroy her!

Samus: This is not happening to me.

Damemon: Stop right There!

They Interuppted the court

Ridley: What the? Why would you interrupted for my court.

Gumdramon: You see... We all know the real culprit.

Komajiro: That's right. It was the-

Whisper covered his Mouth

Shoutmon: And even though, she's not the one you're looking for.

Ridley: You sure about this? Have any Prove?

Shoutmon: Umm...

Gumdramon: Nope.

Then they put Samus in a Cage

Ridley: If you bring me the Evidence for Samus innocence. If you fail, I'll destroy you. Gather as much evidence that you can find. Come back once you're ready.

They left the Court and then they met U-mos again

Damemon: You again?

U-mos: I heard Samus is in Trouble. And you guys, want to find some evidence.

Gumdramon: Yes, do you know where we could find them?

U-mos: Around the Ship, you should find on you're own for Samus Innocence.

Shoutmon: What!? You're gonna leave for this!?

U-mos: Just go around and find them.

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