[They are now in the basement

Robin: Why are we here in the Basement for?

Anabelle: We have to search the whole building, top to bottom.

Ryan: This stuff looks like it should be in the Smithsonian.

Courtney: Why do they bother keeping this old junk?

Doki: Oh, I don't know. Some of this old junk could be very valuable.

Fransworth dust off the books​ and he saw the Phantom Virus

Fransworth: On my! It's the Virus!

Sanji: Uh-oh!

Zoro: Watch out!

Fransworth drop his magnet and Phantom Virus is caught by the Magnet

Gabi: The magnets!

Nami: Gett back, you... creepy... thingy!

Franky: "Creepy thingy"?

Mundi: You need to work on your line.

Virus: You'll pay for this!

Nami: We don't think so.

Brook: Thingy!

They laugh for what he said, and the Phantom Virus is escaping

Ryan: After him!


All the Costumer saw Luffy and Owen eating so much and they leave

Luffy: I wonder why they left?

Owen: I don't know.

Luffu: Man, it's bad enough we're always chasing real ghosts. Now we're chasing computer-generated ones. It's a good thing phantoms don't care about lunch.

Owen accidentally whipped cream at Luffy and he look like Santa Claus


Back to the Heroes

Hermes: I think we lost him.

Ryan: Great!

Mundi: Wait, look!

They saw someone coming

Leela: What do we do?

Sora: Get as close to him as possible with our magnets.

Doki: Ready? One, two, three!

But it was Officer Wimbly

Ryan: You're not the virus, mate.

Wimbly: I thought I heard some noise down here. What are you kids doing? The basement's for staff only.

Hermes: We're hunting for the Phantom Virus.

Wimbly: Yeah, I heard about this so-called virus. I think it's some kind of a college prank.

Ryan: No, Officer Wembley. You see, we...

Wembly: You kids are coming with me back to Kaufman's lab.

Ryan: I'm so sorry.

They are now got in trouble

Ryan: Something tells me in my heart and spark, Sora, that is rather the entrance to College or We are in a looooooot of trouble.

Sora: Yeah, we are.

Amy: I wonder how Fry, Bender, Sci-Ryan, Crash, Donald, Goofy, Noah, Owen, Cody, Fico, Otto and Luffy are doing.

Ryan: Me too.

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