They went back to see Slughorn

Slughorn: So, was that the boy from Slytherin who took the Potion's from me?

Harry: Actually, he wasn't.

Slughorn: Then that means...

They saw Ginny coming

Harry: Ginny?

Ginny: Oh, you're here. Thank goodness!

Ace: Is something wrong?

Ginny,n The Heartless are back in Hogwarts. And i though you should now.

Ace: That's right!

Daffy: Back to Hogwarts!

Harry: But wait! What about the Potion thief? We don't know who it was.

Ginny: Actually, The Heartless are they are playing the Potion's when I saw him.

Ron: Alright! We found the Thief! Let's go back!

They went back to Hogwarts 

Neville: Somebody help us! They are playing the Potion for no reason!

They saw the Heartless playing the Potion

Neville: They have no manners for this! Boy, this is not my day!

Ace: Let's get all the Potion's back!

They defeated the Heartless and they got the Potion's back

Ron: That's all of them. And we save all the Potion's from them.

They saw Snape coming out of the Great Hall

Snape: Somebody help! My contraction has been Stolen! And one of you will lose some points!

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