Here's how finding General Skull's hideout and the droid battle begins on Endor in Revenge of the Giant Chicken.

[we sideswipe to Endor where we see a Ewok ship flying in to where the Ewok village is]

[After the ship lands, it shows the CMC with Wicket and another Ewok]

Jedi Master equine (hologram): We've just received word that General Skull is on Tatooine.

Sylveon (hologram): And he has Sailor Moon and the rest of the Sailor Scouts hostage. And he might be using them as bait to lure us towards him.

[It cuts to the Council room]

Sweetie Belle (hologram): We have to act on this! If we capture General Skull, we can end the war.

Chris: The Senate suggests that I lead the campaign.

Captain Emerald: Only the council decides who should go. Not the Senate.

Princess Luna: In this situation, a Master with more experience is needed for this task.

Rainbow Dash (on hologram) I suggest Brian should go.

Sylveon: I agree.

Vinny: So do I.

Lois: I too.

[It cuts back to Endor]

Captain Emerald: Very well, Brian will go to Tatoooine to rescue the Sailor Scouts, and capture General Skull.

[The hologram cuts off]

[back on Endor, The CMC look out from the balcony]

Clone Equine Commander: The droids have already started up their main power generators.

Apple Bloom: Now, it's our turn, Commander.

Clone Equine Commander: Yes, m'am!

[Soon the Ewoks blow their horns]

Battle dorid: Charge!

[The droids march on. Then some Troopers fire their blasters at the droids, then a Spider droid fires at some troopers and Ewoks, then some Ewoks swing down and kick some droids. And one threw a Thermal Detinator on a Snail Tank and it exploded]

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