He found the Sound Idea

???: So easily you sink into the depth of slumber.

He saw A Digimon coming

Damemon: Again? Why are you following me?

????: Wonderful world, isn't it? Almost like a dream.

Damemon: Why are you following me?

???: You haven't notice it? Or are you just assuming it's all part of your "test"? I'm not part of the dream. And if you thought I was...

He grab a rose petals and crush it

???: Then you're softer than they say.

Damemon: Huh? What are you saying?

????: But... This will all over soon.

Damemon: Just who are you, Digimon?

???: Sleep on and then we meet again.

Damemon: What?

He disappeared

Damemon: What does that mean to me?

They a Sound idea and it went into him

Minutes Later

He return to the Tower with a Sound Idea

Komasan: Thank you. Now can we try that Sound Idea now?

Damemon: Alright.

He use his tonfu as a conductor, the Sound Idea music went into the Music Score, but it's not working

Komajiro: Hold on? It's one Sound Idea, not enough for this?

Damemon: That's Alright. I have a who can help and that Digimon always wants have my back.

Then another Sound Idea has appeared and it joined together

Komasan: Monge! The Sound have joined together to make a powerful music.

They then Sound Idea went into the Music Score and it's working

Damemon: That's right. Two forces and better then one, right Opposummon? Alright, can I go and fight that thing?

Komasan: (Voice) I think so. But...

Damemon: I'll be okay, see ya in moment.

He went into the Music Score and he is fighting the Dream Eater and he defeated it

Minutes Later

Komasan and Komajiro's Spirit went into their Body, and now they ha ve been awaken and they put the Book on the Table

Komasan: Thank you, Damemon. Well, we couldn't have done it without you, zura.

They hold hands together

Komasan: (Gasp) Monge! The Water! We were gonna help Mickey and Bugs!

Komajiro: Come on!

They're gonna leave

Komasan: See ya later.

Damemon: Bye.

He saw the Crest of Knowledge, he aim it and he got it

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