This where our heroes find a perfect Christmas Tree and where we see the droids' liar in The Beginning of the Chronicles II

[we return to everyone else, and see they've arrived at a tree shop]

Luke: Alright, let's find a good tree.

[they begin searching through the shop]

Nyx: How about that one?

[points to a small one]

Twilight: Too small.

Patrick: [pointing to a really, really, tall one] That one?

Ash: Nah, too big.

Pikachu: Pika.

Applejack: [inspecting one] This one is way too wide, and it ain't got enough branches.

Rainbow: Ah, come on! A tree's a tree! Can we just pick one?!

Spongebob: I found one!

[It shows a perfect siuzed Tree with enough branches and a beautiful green color]

Mane 6: Perfect!

Pinkie: Let's take it!

[they then pick up the tree and load it on a flatcar]

Twilight: Now, to the party hall!

Pinkie: Haul away!

[They chuff away]

[meanwhile, with the Sith Droids]

Sith droid 1: Perfect, perfect. All things are going to plan just fine.

Sith droid 2: Sir, our prototype is complete!

Sith droid 1: Sweet! Let's give it a test run!

[we now see a droid being built]

Sith Droid 1: Yes, switch it on!

[The switch is flicked on]

[slowly the droid roars into life and raises up]

Sith Droid #4: It's alive!

Droid creation: What is your bedding?

Sith Droid #1: You are to help us terminate a youngling who has called our master.

Droid creation: As you wish my master.

Sith Droid #1: Good, now we just need to wait for our imforment's signal.

[but after the other three droids walk away the third one who was desprite to kill Nyx stayed behind]

Sith Driod #3: Awaken your comrades and send them out to find that foal!

Droid creation: As you wish., [he then goes to awaken the other creations]

Sith Droid #3: [to himself] Now that foal will pay for what he did to our master!

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