Here's how we found out Latham Cole's try collars and Jay Fuller turns in Wrath of the Century

[Back at Cole's train]

Latham Cole: There were rumors that they was a Jedi master dog. And now here you guys are, flesh and blood.

Brian: Uh, yes.

Latham Cole: How can I thank you for what you've done.

Vinny: by stopping this war, the Buffalo tribes never raided anyone, it was Butch Cavandish and his gang.

John Reid: And the Changlings too, [puts down an energy crystal] all for this.

Latham Cole: An Energy Crystal. Everything I hate about this country, no sense of the common good, no vision. Come to think of it. [takes out his watch]

[outside we see Anna crawling along side the train as it crosses a bridge]

Anna: [losing her footling] Wha! [gets it back]

Latham Cole: Men like that, can't expect what we know to be true, a man can't stay the same with the world evolving around him.

[as he speaks, Anna climbs back inside the train only to meet Butch!]

Butch Cavendish: Remeber me?

[Back at Cole]

Latham Cole: A Man can't choose his brother, it's almost like a brother chooses theirs'. [opens a drawer to reveal a gun] And that's what we are, me and Butch, Brothers. Born in the desert. All those years ago. [he points his gun at them but they aren't there]

[we then hear several guns cocking]

Brian; And now you've come back.

John Reid: You knew this.

Brian Then you joined forces with Ernie, Team Galactic, Tirek and the others.

Vinny: And you knew the Buffalo Tribe would interfur if they learned you lot were in their territory, so Butch and the Changlings stadged the attacks so you could send the Cavalry to kil them.

Latham Cole: Like I said, no vision.

Vinny: Stop this train.

Latham Cole: There's no stoppng this trian, I believe you are aware of that.

[they then take Cole to the soupply car, still gunpointing him but as they head inside, Butch and Anna come in next]

Brian; Anna!

Anna: Brian! Vinny?

Vinny: Anna!

Anna: Guys.

Vinny: How did you get here?

Latham Cole: I brought her here.

Vinny: You did what?!

[then Jay Fuller comes in eating an apple, then he drops it and gunpoints Butch as he gun points Brian, Vinny, and John Reid while they gunpoint Cole]

John Reid: Captain, arrest these men.

Latham Cole: These beings are common criminals, tresspassing on railway property.

Vinny: [as John Connor] SHUT UP!!

Brian: The Buffalo Tribe never raided anyone, they stadged the attacks so they could lead the most dangerous villains and their army through their territory!

Latham Cole: We've heard enough, captain.

Vinny: You represent the United States Govt. you do not work with these men!

Latham Cole: Captain!

John Reid: They started this war!

Jay Fuller: Well if what you say is true, that would mean I attacked the Buffalo Tribe for no reason, and that I helped dangerous villains in their plans.

Latham Cole: That's right, Captain. Slaughter of the inocence. Their blood on your hands, tenfold. Are you capable of that?

Jay Fuller: The way I see it, these men are with the railroad. The question is, who the heck are you lot?