This is how Finding the Allspark and Megatron breaks free goes in My Little Pony Transformers.

[We then see Starscream fly up to the dam and fire off missiles]

[The missiles hit important parts disabling the security system]

[The systems begin going down]

[We then see the others]

Secretary of Defense: Gentlecolts. They know the Cube is here.

Deathstroke: [picks up a phone] Sector E, what's going on?

Sector E Pony: The system to keep NBE-1 has gone down, sir.

Deathstroke: What?!

[We then see Frenzy in the computer room, having killed its occupants]

Frenzy: [accesses a computer to unfreeze Megatron] [excitedly] Megatron! Megatron! Megatron!

[We then see some people in the freezing chamber struggling to keep Megatron frozen]

Pony on PA System: Attention! We are losing NBE-1! We're losing him! We're losing him!

[Cut to the group leaving the testing room]

Deathstroke: Get everyone to the armory and garage away from the NBE-1 Chamber, now!

[They make for the garage and armory]

[Inside the armory/garage, Thunderbolt, his team, and Discord load up some of their weapons]

[As the lights flicker, Rarity goes over to Discord]

Rarity: You have to take me to my car.

Discord: What?

Rarity: You heard me.

Discord: You're car? It's been repossessed.

Rarity: What do you mean it's been repossessed?

Discord: We needed to put it somewhere.

[More shaking happens]

Secretary of Defense: Discord.

Discord: Hmm?

Secretary of Defense: I'd do what he says. Losing's really not an option for these guys.




[We then see Bumblebee walking up to the Allspark and shrinks it]

Rarity: That'll do.

Bumblebee: Message from Starfleet, Captain.

Captain Thunderbolt: He's right. We're going to have to get that thing out of here. Mission City's not that far from here.

Thorax: That's way too close. And they've already had enough alien attacks for one year.

[Discord nods in agreement]

Discord: Las Pegasus is just as close. Get the Cube there.

Secretary of Defense: Good right.

Captain Thunderbolt: Let's go! Let's go!

[Bumblebee transforms to vehicle mode]

[Twilight and the others get in and drive off]

[The soldiers make their way to the other garage]

[Back in the computer room]

[Frenzy continues typing when he looks up]

Frenzy: Oh, Megatron melting.

[Megatron is then seen breaking free of the ice]

Megatron: I am Megatron!

[Megatron activates his flail and swings it around]

[We then see Bumblebee, the Mane Six, Thorax, and Thunderbolt's team leaving the dam]

[Back in the freezing chamber]

[Megatron swings his flail and transforms to Cybertronian Jet Mode and flies out]

[Starscream transforms to Jet Mode as Omegabot transforms to Combat Plane Mode]

[Starscream and Omegabot transform to robot mode as Megatron lands]

Starscream: We live to serve you, Lord Megatron.

Megatron: Where is the Cube?

Starscream: The ponies have taken it.

[Megatron clenches his fist]

Megatron: You fail me yet again, Starscream and Omegabot. Get them!

Omegabot: Forgive me, my lord. [transforms to Combat Plane Mode and flies off]