They made it to the Kingdom of Acorns, and then Sonic the Hedgehog appeared

Tail: Hey, Sonic!

Sonic: Who do we have here? You're not a Badnik. But... I never seen you two before.

Sparx: I'm Sparx and this is Gibson.

Sonic: Hmm... That's cool. Guys, Listen up, I don't suppose you'd wanna have some Adventures with me to find Eggman's Treasure.

Knuckles: Eggman has Treasures?

Sonic: Well, I'd find out that Eggman is carrying it with his goons. What do you say we sneak in and get it from him.

Tail: Thanks, Sonic!

Knuckles: Alright. Let's go find one.

Amy: Sonic!

Sonic: (Sigh) What know?

Sparx: We were supposed to find a Shooting Star.

Sonic: Forget about the Shooting Star. We have to Eggman's Treasure. Amy, let's go find the Eggman's Treasure.

Amy: No! I'm gonna find a Shooting Star for you!

Sonic: Alright. You asked for it. Sparx, Gibson, wanna find Eggman's Treasure.

Sparx: No, we can't we have to find a Shooting Star.

Sonic: Oh. Alright.

They went off, Sparx, Gibson and Amy are looking around the Forest and they saw a Star Shard

Gibson: Bug's Star Shard?

Amy: That Shooting Star is for Sonic!

She's gonna get it, but then Eggman Captured her

Eggman: What do we have here? Sonic's Friend and a Shooting Star! This is my lucky day!

He saw Sparx and Gibson

Eggman: Who are you? Are you friends with Sonic?

Sparx: Let Amy go!

Eggman: If Sonic wants his friend back, he better meet me at the Beach!

They are running away

Sparx: Wait!

Then Formless has appeared

Both: Aw, Come on!

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