They got all the Decoration and the Food for the Party

Doraemon: All of them are done. But we need some Clothes and Dress for the party.

Kotemon: How can we get those?

Doraemon: there's plenty of them at the Fashion Shop. You should go there and be careful from those Evil Robots.

Kumamon: Don't worry, we'll get those.

Hours Later

They are carried it with all the Shopping bags their holding.

Kotemon: Wow! Never knew shopping some clothes are too much.

Kumamon: Now we know why girl like shopping.

Bearmon: We should just let Doraemon come with us.

They are walking about the Robot Academy and they didn't know an Evil Robot is gonna attacked them

Doraemon: Look out! Bang!

He aim his Air Cannon to the Evil Robot

Doraemon: Run! I'll hold it back!

They are running and the Evil Robot is Attacking Doraemon with a Taser

Doraemon: (Scream)

All: Doraemon!

Doraemon: Ow! That hurt!

Then the Evil Robot is gonna shock him, and then Kotemon stop it

Kotemon: We got this!

Bearmon: Take those shopping bags.

Doraemon: Okay!

He is running away with the Shopping bag, they are fighting the evil Robot and they did it

Kumamon: That should do it.

Then Doraemon came back 

Doraemon: Wow! You guys fight very good? That's nice!

Kotemon: Yeah. That's what friends do. Now let's go finish the Party.

Doraemon: Yeah.

They went off to the Robot Academy

Dorami look at the Star

Dorami: Oh, well... looks like we have cancel the party. After all, I suppose I should go to the Prom with Dora Kid next year.

Kotemon: Doraemon.

They show her the Party has been finish

Dorami: You guys, did all of this?

Bearmon: Yeah. All thanks to us. We did all the hardwork.

Dorami: Wow! Thanks you, guys! I can finally wait for Dora Kid to come. And I'm happy for us for helping me.

Doraemon: No Problem, Dorami. Now be ready for the party.

Dorami: I will.

Hours Later

They all look at City

Doraemon: I hope Dorami's dream comes true. What are your dreams, Kumamon, Kotemon, Bearmon?

Kumamon: Hmm?

Kotemon: I don't know.

Bearmon: We have the same dream that we want...

Flashback has started

Agunimon: Being a Digimon Warrior is all I've dream about.

Kazemon: Well, you're not the only one without us.

Agunimon: I know. You, your best friends and us all share the same dream.

Flashback has ended 

Kumamon: Strange... I'd never really though about that at least until you asked me, Doraemon. Our dream is becoming a Digimon Warrior.

Doraemon; I hope your dream comes true, too.

Kotemon: Yeah. We know.

Bearmon: Don't worry, someday, you will become a Digimon Warrior just like them.

Kotemon: Yeah. Thanks, Bearmon. And we just keep on believing, right?

Bearmon: Of course.

Doraemon: Yeah.

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