They got all the Materials and Tool for Sandy's Invention

Patrick: All right. The Last Material is Jellyfish Jam.

Sparx: Jellyfish Jam?

Patrick: Yeah, there's plenty of them at the Jellyfish Field. But there are many of them at King Jellyfish.

Gibson: Don't worry, we'll get those.

They are it to Jellyfish Field and they saw King Jellyfish

Sparx: Wow! He's one big Jellyfish.

Gibson: He looks a size as the Super Robot.

Sparx: Look!

They saw many Jellyfish Jelly Jar at King Jellyfish Cave

Sparx: Let's be Sneaky, so we can't wake him up.

Gibson: Alright.

They are sneaking to be Jellyfish Jam Jar, and they got, they didn't know King Jellyfish saw them and they are stung them

Patrick: Look out! King Jellyfish! Hurry, you guys!

He throw a Rock at them

King Jellyfish: (Buzzing)

And he shock Patrick

Patrick: (Scream)

Both: Patrick!

Patrick: Ow! That hurt!

Then King Jellyfish is gonna stung him again, and then Gibson stop him

Sparx: We got this!

Gibson: And take those Jellyfish Jam too. And don't eat them.

Patrick: Okay!

He is runaway with the Jellyfish Jam Jar, Sparx and Gibson are fighting King Jellyfish and they defeated him

Sparx: That should do it.

Then Patrick came back 

Patrick: Wow! You guys fight King Jellyfish? That's awesome!

Sparx: Yeah. That's what friends do. Now let's go finish the Invention.

Patrick: Yeah. We are best friend!

They went off to Sandy's Treedome

Sandy look at the Poster 

Sandy: Oh, well... looks like I'm not going to the Contest. After all, I suppose I should go to that Contest next year.

Sparx: Sandy!

They show her Invention 

Sandy: You guys, made that for me?

Gibson: Yeah. All thanks to me. I'm a Genius.

Sandy: Wow! Thanks you, guys! I can finally go win that Contest. And I'm happy for us for helping me.

Patrick: No Problem, Sandy. Now go to that Contest.

Sandy: I will.

Hours Later

They all look at Bikini Bottom at Spongebob's House

Patrick: I hope Sandy's dream comes true. What are your dreams, Spark, Gibson?

Gibson: To become a Brilliant Scientist.

Patrick: And you, Sparx?

Sparx: Me? Hmm....

Flashback has started

Antuari: Being an Animal Warrior is all I've dream about.

Nova: Well, you're not the only one without us.

Antuari: I know. You, me, Otto, Gibson and Sparx all share the same dream.

Flashback has ended 

Sparx: Weird... I'd never really though about that at least until you asked me, Patrick. My dream is becoming an Animal Warrior.

Patrick: I hope your dream comes true, too.

Sparx: Yeah. I know.

Gibson: Don't worry, someday, you will become an Animal Warrior like us.

Sparx: Yeah. Thanks, Gibson. And I just keep on believing, right?

Gibson: Of course.

Patrick: Yeah.

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