Duskmon wake up in Wisemon's Computer Room and saw 2 body fading, and he saw Ice Devimon.

Ice Devimon: Hmm. Is this how you want it? Cherubimon. Can  fill me in?

????: My name...

He summon his sword and make Ice Devimon shock

Ice Devimon: Huh? Do you remember now, or... Wait a minute, did you never lose your memory?

Then he stab Ice Devimon in the chest

????: That's isn't my name. I'm not "Cherubimon".

Then Ice Devimon's heart Haas comes out of his chest

????: My name... Is Lucemon.

At the Digital World

They are watching the Sea

Damemon: And how long do we get there?

Dracmon: Have no clue. If we have to, we'll think of Something else like that.

Minutes later

Our Heroes are walking and then it's started to rain

Opposummon: It's getting raining.

Shoutmon: I know.

Psychemon: It's build a tent.

Then something attack our Heroes

Shoutmon: Psychemon!

Gumdramon: Dracmon!

Damemon: Opposummon!

They saw them over there

Psychemon: We're fine!

They saw ENeMe 

ENeMe: Well, well, well. If it isn't the Heroes that he said to me. And it's time for me to settled this score!

Damemon: ENeME? What are you... Is that a test for us?

Psychemon: Come on! You can work it out later!

All: Okay!

ENeME: I don't think I will fall from you fools.

They are fighting him and he disappeared, then Shoutmon and his friends saw a Tornado coming, they hold on tight and then they got sucked in. Then they all falling to the sea and then a Crest of Friendship has showed and then Shoutmon and his Friend's Xros Loader has appeared and it aim to the Crest, now Shoutmon and his friends has vanished into light.


A Brown Coated person is in space

???: This world has been connected.

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