Fire Safety for Yuna is the sixteenth episode of the first season of Yuna's Princess Adventure.


Princess Yuna will learn about fire safety from Blade Ranger.

Field trip to the firehouse

One day, Princess Yuna and her class were taken by Wallace and Gromit on a field trip to the Friehouse where they meet Blade Ranger, Dipper, Windlifter, Cabbie, the Smokejumpers and Maru.

Visiting the Piston Peak Air Attack team

After the field trip, Yuna had an idea, She decided to visit Piston Peak herself and as she did, She took a look around and she discovered Dusty as a Firefighting Airplane, Then Blade Ranger came up and explained what a hero Dusty was.

Fire in the forest

There was a fire in the forest as Yuna hop on Windlifter as she witness the fire rescue.

Learning about Fire Safety/Back at Canterlot

After the fire was out, Yuna learned about Fire Safety, Then Dusty had to take Yuna home. Back at Canterlot, Prince Hiro and Princess Luna were a little dissapointed in Yuna for leaving without telling them where she had gone, Then Dusty explained that she witness the fire rescue and she apologized for leaving without telling Hiro and Luna forgave her and let her off with a warning because they never wanted to stay mad at her and because they loved her very much and Yuna will always remember the good time she had at Piston Peak.


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