This is where Firestorm teaches Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon a lesson in The Day Connie Came.

[the next day at school, Connie is on her hooves again.]

Connie: Again, thank you for helping me, guys.

Scootaloo: It was no sweat Connie. That's what friends are for.

Sweetie Belle: Besides, you'd do the same for us.

Connie: [grins]

[but then a small bit of mud is thrown at Connie]

Connie: OH!!

Diamond Tiara: So the lame giraffe returns.

Silver Spoon: Thought you would've had to stay in the hospital for longer.

Button Mash: Hey! You 2 were the reason she was there at all!

Diamond Tiara: So what?

Silver Spoon: It's not our fault that the lame giraffe is alleric to such a magnificent flower.

Diamond Tiara: If she's allergic to roses then why should she even bother to come here?

Apple Bloom: Ya' dang jerks! Fer' yer' info, Connie moved her' from Manehatten because she was mistreated in Manehatten and had no friends!

Diamond Tiara: [scoffs] Not surprised why. A giraffe doesn't belong in such a great city or a school like this, one that has ponies and ponies only.

Sweetie Belle: She does too! Anyone can come here!

Scootaloo: And you better stop mistreating her or else you'll really get it.

Silver Spoon: How so?

Apple Bloom: That's because Connie has a dragon too.

Diamond Tiara: Oh? The lame giraffe has a dragon too?

Silver Spoon: S..she does?

Diamond Tiara: So, what kind of small dragon does this lame giraffe have?

Scootaloo: Believe us, her dragon is not small. It's big, no check that, gigantic! Connie has... [whispers in Diamond Tiara's ear] A Typhoomerang.

Diamond Tiara: [in a low, cautious tone] A Typhoomerang? You mean like the ones that... [In an angry tone] THAT AREN'T AROUND HERE?!

Apple Bloom: What's that suppose ta' mean?

Diamond Tiara: There are no Typhoomerangs around here!

Silver Spoon: Yeah! None have ever been seen in Ponyville!

Sweetie Belle: Well, we hate to break it to you but Connie has a Typhoomerang.

Button Mash: Yeah, and he is very protective of her.

Silver Spoon: Oh really? So you're saying that if we were to continue our antics to Connie, then her "Typhoomerang" would race in and get me and Tiara?

Button Mash: Yeah.

Diamond Tiara: Oh yeah? Well why don't we see? [bucks Connie in the legs]

Connie: Ow! [falls down]

Apple Bloom: Oh no!

[then Silver Spoon flungs some more mud on Connie]


[but the 2 bullies don't listen and they continue doing mean things to Connie]

Button Mash: Oh man, those 2 are in trouble now.

Scootaloo: Yeah, Firestorm will not like this.

Apple Bloom: Remember what Scooter Flame did to them?

Button Mash: Who could forget?

Diamond Tiara: [laughing] You blank flanks are so gullible!

Silver Spoon: Yeah, if this lame giraffe has a Typhoomerang who is protective, then why didn't he show up?

Apple Bloom: Maybe it's because Connie's not covered in enough mud.

Silver Spoon: Phft! Oops! How silly of us!

Diamond Tiara: How much mud then? [puts a small bit on Connie's belly] This much?

[The 2 start laughing and then a claw then picks up more mud and covers Connie's whole belly and back, then the camera zooms out and we see Firestorm standing next to the Crusaders]

Sweetie Belle: No, that much.

Firestorm: [growls]

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! TYPHOOOMERANG!!!

Firestorm: [roars in the 2 fillies' faces and it knocks off Diamond Tiara's tiara and Silver Spoon's glasses]

Diamond Tiara: RUN!!!!

[the 2 race off but Firestorm jumps forward and starts attacking them (off screen)]

Diamond Tiara: AAH!!! NOT MY MANE!!!

Silver Spoon: My coat! My necklace!

Diamond Tiara: I give! I give!

Silver Spoon: UNCLE!! UNCLE!!

[Firestorm stops and walks back to Connie and helps her up]

Scootaloo: Well, we warned them.

Connie: That's the first time Firestorm did that to protect me.

Firestorm: [nuzzles Connie]

Connie: Oh, don't worry, Firestorm, I'm okay.

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