This is how First battle on Gigantion and Matau defeats Megatron goes in Giant.

Menasor: If you lads want to get to the central layer, you just leave it to me.

[His Cyber Key unlocks his drill]

Menasor: With this extra power, that wall will fall in no time.

Quickmix: No!

[Quickmix transforms to robot mode]

Quickmix: Menasor! You have to stop this! You're betraying your own people! Your own culture! And if you don't stop, we have no choice but to stop you ourselves! It won't be pretty, Menasor, so STAND DOWN!

[We see Quickmix and Menasor]

Quickmix: Menasor! Enough! You have to stop!

Menasor: Forget it!

Ryan F-Freeman: Listen to Quickmix, Menasor! I am a Prime!

[Menasor transformation sequence]

Menasor: Just step back, old man and young lad! I'm sick of Twilight Sparkle and those daft rules that don't even make any sense! The time for Twilight and the rules are long gone! They're old and outdated, just like you and OpThomas! We are about to enter a new age and I am going to be the one to lead this planet into it!

[Menasor transforms to a robot]

Menasor: So, why just I take care of you right now!

[He attacks then Ryan blocks it]

Ryan F-Freeman: Watch it, bud!

Quickmix: Nice one. [his Cyber Key unlocks his rocket launcher] It's time to shut Menasor down!

[He fires and hits Menasor. Metroplex arrives]

Metroplex: That's enough! What has got into you, Menasor?

Ryan F-Freeman: There's nothing to be gained by acting like a bad guy like Ashi.

Unknown voice: Actually. There is a lot to be gained.

Second unknown voice: Ryvine and I know there is more to Menasor.

[Our heroes look to see the Cons and with them, Megatron and Ryvine]

Ryvine Sparkle: And I could give Menasor and Aku anything they dream of.

Crash Bandicoot: Megatron!

Ryan F-Freeman: Ryvine!

Vector Prime: How is this possible? He couldn't made journey unaided.

Ryvine Sparkle: Well, like me, Megatron found a guide.

Megatron: What Ryvine said.

Ryan F-Freeman: Cut the chatter, Megatron! What do you mean?

[Laserbeak flys past Ryan then transforms and goes inside Soundwave]

Soundwave: [in Ryan's voice] What do you mean?

Spikewave: Whoa!

Jetfire: That sounds just like Prince Ryan Prime!

Sari Sumdac: Did you see him, brother?

Ryan F-Freeman: Yes.

Iago: Will you cut that out?! Who are you?

Soundwave: What up? All you bots and heroes out on the floor. Get ready to rock it.

Leobreaker: You call it cutting it out?

Aku: Calm down, Danny bot. His name is Soundwave and Thunderblast told me he spins like the sun. [to Soundwave] Introduce yourself, buddy.

Soundwave: I let my skills speak for me.

Codylight Sparkle: Who invite those clowns and that Samurai Jack character anyhow?

Ryan F-Freeman: Well, Megatron. You and Ryvine tricked that funny bot to joining you, eh?

Ryvine Sparkle: Ha! I am giving him a chance to improve his world. Unlike you and Spikewave and Codylight Sparkle from Equestria.

Menasor: That's right! If you stand in the way of progress, you're going extinct!

[Menasor attacks Evac but he blocks his attack and jumps out of the way]

Ryan Tokisaki: I think we do this, Date-A-Live style!

Spikewave: You got a date with justice, Soundwave!

Soundwave: Looks like it's time to drop some science on you all.

Ryan F-Freeman: Leobreaker. Maybe we can link up. Ready?

Leobreaker: Right, Ryan.

[Ryan's Matrix and Keyblade glows then his right arm retracts and his super Mode Jet pack flies off]

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok, Leo. I think we can fight the Cons with the power we have.

[Leobreaker transforms into an arm]

Leobreaker: That is right, Ryan. And I haven't met Ryashi before.

Ryan F-Freeman: I met him on that time travel thing. So, he is an Autobot.

Leobreaker: Wow. I hope we can do it.

[Leobreaker links up to Ryan's body and his Super Mode jetpack comes on Ryan]

Ryan F-Freeman: I know. But, when we save the universe we go to Paris.

[A hand appears and Ryan does a pose]

Ryan F-Freeman: Savage Claw Mode!

[Twilight gasps in amazement]

Ryan F-Freeman: Like it, Twilight?

Twilight Sparkle: Yes, Ryan. Go beat Megatron with Matau, and make Primus and Celestia proud.

[Ryan turns to face Megatron]

Ryan F-Freeman: I will take you on, Megatron. The armor of Ryvine's mentor, Unicron against my Matrix of Leadership. Your power against my own. Leobreaker against Nemesis Breaker. You against me.

Megatron: Then let this be our first battle field.

Matau T. Monkey: That's a line? [scoff] Master Ryan and I can take you on!

Megatron: It's on, Matau! Nemesis Breaker! To me!

[Nemesis Breaker transforms to an arm]

Megatron: You think Ryan refuse to tell me and my pet about OpThomas Prime, you are wrong! I'll make Twilight angry at Ryan for being a better Prime then her!

[His arm retracts and Nemesis links up. A hand appears]

Twilight Sparkle: What? I'm a Princess.

Ryan F-Freeman: Don't listen to him. I got this. HOOOOO!! [charges at Megatron]

[Matau summons his Wayward Wind Keyblade]

[Ryan and Megatron starts fighting]

Wing Saber: Trial by fire!!!!

Ranyx: No. He is fighting Megatron, Wing Saber. Could you link up with Optimus to Sonic Wing Mode. So Soundwave can take the express train to Loserville!

Optimus Prime: Oh please. The express train to Loserville?

Ranyx: Can you please lighten up, Prime?

[Optimus and Wing Saber link up to form Sonic Wing Mode]

Xgem: Soundwave, when Ranyx and Prime done with you, the sound will be coming from you is your voice begging for mercy! [summons her Keyblade]

Soundwave: Big talk. [gets hit by Ranyx and Xgem] Let's see you can back it up, Meg.

Xgem: It's Xgem! I'm her Nobody!

[Raynx hits Soundwave on the head with his Keyblade]

[Sci-Ryan swings his Keyblade and hits Menasor and Ransack]

Sci-Ryan: Wow. This Keyblade is good. No wonder I can fight Cons with it. [fights Ryvine]

[Mario fights Crumplezone then sees Scourge charging towards him]

Scourge: The bigger they are, the harder they fall!

Bertram T. Monkey: [punches and grabs Scourge] Even little guys like you fall pretty hard. Now, let see how well you fly! [throws Scourge into the air]

Crash Bandicoot: Cool one, Bertram. [summons his Keyblade] Let me put the fire in your heart. [spins at Cortex and Ransack]

[Lord Vortech sees Ryan and gets angry]

Lord Vortech: You are suppose to be MY NEW BODY!!!

[Codylight fights Vortech then Trentech fires at Vortech banishing him to the prison of Time]

Trentech: No one can have Ryan as a vessel.

[Rianna defeats and banishes Trentech]

Thundercracker: I think Ryan is a Prime who wants power. [spins] With my new move, I'll smash you to bits. [gets hit by a beam] Oh. What's that steel beam there?

Ryan F-Freeman: [gets out Leobreaker's whip and makes some Karate noises then hits Megatron with his whip and Keyblade]

Matau T. Monkey: Wow.

Umarak the Hunter: I guess I need to know about the thing called Martal arts.

Ryan Tokisaki: Don't worry. I know a thing or to about Kung Fu, karate, judo, kendo, tai qwan do, anything-you-can do and [makes quotation marks with his fingers] tai chi?

Evil Anna: Wow. Does it come with egg fried rice?

Tod: Kuryan? Can you beat Ransack up?

[Kuryan grabs Ransack and throws him at a wall before posing]

Ryan Tokisaki: Yes, Tod. Copper could see me now.

[Ryan whips Megatron]

Megatron: Ouch! I do know one weakness for that giant friend of yours. His legs.

Ryan F-Freeman: Matau and I can beat you.

[Leobreaker's Cyber Key unlocks his claws]

Megatron: Bring it on, Ryan and Matau. Bring it on!

[Nemesis Breaker's Cyber Key unlocks his claws]

Matau T. Monkey: I say two can play that game. Cyber Key Power!

[Matau's Cyber Key unlocks Optimus' ion blaster and Keyblade]

[Ryan and Megatron get out their auras and charge towards each other. They clash claws and a flash of light happens. When it fades, Ryan and Megatron are laying on the ground]

Ryan F-Freeman: Whoa. Darn you, Megatron. You played Optimus like a piano!

Megatron: [laughs]

Matau T. Monkey: You think that's funny?

[Megatron gets up]

Megatron: You stupid chimp. Looks like your master's and my powers are matched. That is why he risks nothing!

Matau T. Monkey: I know that my friends are my power! That is why I risk nothing for power and the Magic of Friendship!

Megatron: [laughs] You crack me up, Matau.

Matau T. Monkey: Let us see if you think THIS is funny! [charges at Megatron]

Megtron: You're on, Matau!

[They clash weapons and Ryan gets up]

Sari Sumdac: You ok, Ryan?

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. Seems Matau have power when he absorb the spark power of Primus. Just like Optimus and Evil me absorbed the power of Unicron.

[Evil Ryan takes a photo of his camera then Ryan fights Megatron]

Snow Cat: I don't know about female cons like you, but, I am betting on Ryan and Matau.

Demolisher: Oh. You're so smart, Snow Cat.

Crashjack: Thunderblast? You're betting on Ryan as well?

Thunderblast: Well. You know what they say. If you can't beat them, join them. Should I Join the Autobots sometime?

Emmy Pie: Yeah. In an another adventure where you got redeemed for unknown reasons why Crashjack likes Princess Clara so much.

Snow Cat: Makes sense.

[Ryan punches Megatron and Matau whacks Megatron on the head with the Keyblades]

Matau T. Monkey: Metroplex! Give me your axe!

Metroplex: Here, lad!

[Matau catches it and he tries to lift it]

[Megatron laughs]

Megatron: Think you can lift this. I will help you!

[Megatron is about to attack when Matau lifts the axe up in the air]

Matau T. Monkey: You are not the only one who can absorb some power!

[Metroplex's Cyber Key unlocks his axe]

Ryan F-Freeman: Wow.

Megatron: Oh. You do know this. But, you think to beat me with an axe.

Matau T. Monkey: I could give a home run... for Ashi!!

Megatron: If you keep asking for it, I'll keep giving it!

[Matau and Ryan charge at Megatron]

Megatron: This ends now!

Matau T. Monkey: This is from me and Starscream!

Ryan F-Freeman: In the name of Primus!

[They clash and Megatron is defeated]

Matau T. Monkey: You have been avenged for what Megatron did, Starscream.

Ryan F-Freeman: We did it. We finally defeated Megatron!

[Nemesis Breaker fades away]

Ryan F-Freeman: Whoa.

[Matau sees Codylight fighting Ryvine then Ryvine gets thrown on the floor]

Matau T. Monkey: Finish him off, Prime!

Princess Clara: Do it now!

[Codylight picks up his Keyblade and points it at Ryvine. Ryvine notices a gun]

Ryvine Sparkle: No more, Prince Codylight Prime! Give this Trixicon mercy! I'm begging you!

Codylight Sparkle: You, brother of Twivine without mercy now begging for it? I thought you are trained with the Trix.

[Ryvine grabs the gun]

Cody Fairbrother: No you don't, Ryvine. [grabs Ryvine]

Codylight Sparkle: Out of the way, Cody!

[Ryvine holds Cody and shoots Codylight]

Ryvibe Sparkle: Fall! Fall before me and Aku!

[He continues shooting then Codylight falls down. Ryvine tosses Cody aside then walks toward Codylight with his Keyblade in hand]

Ryvine Sparkle: I would have waited a long time for this. It's over, Prime-Prince.

[Codylight breaths in and out, notices Ryvine, and swings his Keyblade at him like a golf club]

Codylight Sparkle: Never!

[Ryvine gets flung into the air. Twivine tries to catch Ryvine and they get knocked down]

Codylight Sparkle: Ow. [falls on his knees]

Twilight Sparkle: Codylight?

Cody Fairbrother: Forgive me.

Codylight Sparkle: I accept. [coughs] Where is Red Alert?

Ryan F-Freeman: He is here, Codylight. Let me get you fixed up.

[Aku sees Ryvine and Megatron]

Aku: You think the fight is extra thick, Lord Ryvine and Lord Megatron?

[Nurse Cortex kicks Megatron]

Nurse Nancy Cortex: Megatrain and Bertatron. Transform and get us out of here while the Cons escort Megatron.

Ryvine Sparkle: Uhh... Don't leave me, Icy and Dr. Cortex.

Icy: We're here for you.

[Cortex helps Ryvine up. Megatrain transforms to train mode and cuffs off. Thunderblast blows a kiss to Ryan and runs off. Cortex escorts Ryvine while Icy escorts Twivine. To our heroes]

Sari Sumdac: The Decepticons are retreating!

Ryan F-Freeman: We did it, sis.

Bertram T. Monkey: My twin brother turned the tide. [fires his Dalek blasters at the Cons]

[Icy and Twivine board Bertatron while Ryvine and Cortex board Megatrain followed by Aku]

Aku: Megatrain! Take off!

Megatrain: Ok, Aku.

Soundwave: Oh. Uhh. We'll be right back after a pit stop! Stay tuned!

[Bertatron blasts off in jet mode while the Cons follow]

Snow Cat: Oh, Ryan. You are so brave.

Demolisher: You too, Matau.

Matau T. Monkey: Thanks. I defeated Megatron for Starscream. And if he's alive, I'll connect him with this. [points at his Element of Harmony]

Nightfall Twinkle: You got an Element of Harmony? How did you get it?

Matau T. Monkey: When I helped Starscream get Earth's Cyber Planet Key, I guess along with the power I absorbed, I got a power unlike Aku's. The Power of Friendship.

Ryan F-Freeman: Well, Matau. I guess Codylight know that friendship is the true power.

Matau T. Monkey: Yes, Master Ryan.

Thomas: Well done, Ryan!

Ranyx: We did it, Xgem. We beaten the Cons!

Xgem: Yeah. [to Umarak] You think Ryan is a Prime like Optimus, right?

Umarak the Hunter: I guess so, Xgem.