Here is how The All Grown Up Gang started their first day in Canterlot High in Welcome to Canterlot High.

One day, All the parents were dropping their children off in Canterlot High.

Tommy Pickle: Well, here are we.

Dil Pickle: Wow!

Didi Pickles: Alright, Boys. Have a great time on your first day in Canterlot High!

Stu Pickles: See ya.

Tommy Pickles: Bye!

Dil Pickles: See ya, dudes!

Chas Finster: Alright, You two. Have a great time!

Kimi Finster: We will.

Chuckie Finster: Bye!

Kira Finster: Have Fun!

Betty DeVille: Alrighty, Phil and Lil. Have a good day!

Howard DeVille: And stay out of trouble!

Phil and Lil DeVille: We will!

Charlotte Pickles: Have a good time at Caterlot High, Angelica!

Angelica Pickles: Thanks, Mom!

Susie Carmichael: Bye, Mom!

Lucy Carmichael: Have a good day, Sweetie!

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