Here is how Five of Thousands of Three, Yuna and Hunter's Conversation and Don't hurt Smeagol goes in Yuna and the Three Kingdoms.

Jafar: A new power is rising! It's victory is at hand! March to Berk! Leave non alive! To War!

The army of Uruk-Hai, Goblins and Orcs begin their march for battle.

Jafar: There will be no dawn for all that is good.

Little did Jafar know, Is that Iago and Zazu were spying on the armies.

Iago: This is not good, Zazu!

Zazu: We must tell the others!

So, Iago and Zazu flew off and warn the others.

With Yuna and the others.

Hunter: Yuna. I want to talk to you.

Princess Yuna: What is it, Hunter?

Hunter: Our scouts report Chernabog has attacked Berk. All the Vikings are preparing for the greatest battle. And we have looked at our borders. Yuna, Goblins, Orcs and Uruks are on the move. Chernabog is marshaling an army. More dark armies are growing.

Princess Yuna: How many?

Hunter: Some Thousands. More grows everyday.

Princess Yuna: But there is a chance for Chernabog to be defeated.

Hunter: How?

Princess Yuna: (shows Hunter the Amulet) I have to destroy his Amulet.

Hunter: But where are you taking it?

Princess Yuna: To Armageddor.

Then, One the Cheetah Archers found Smeagol.

Cheetah Scout: Hunter, We found something!

Sméagol: (cried in pain while taking a beating)

Hunter: What is this?

Princess Yuna: Stop! Don't hurt him!!!

Hunter: You know this beast?

Sméagol: Yuna!

Princess Yuna: Smeagol is out guide!

Hunter: That's enough! Release him!

Princess Skyla: He's leading us to Armageddor.

Snowdrop: So we can destroy the Amulet and throw it into the Fires of Mount Diablo.

Princess Twila: And we trust Smeagol's guidance.

Hunter: We can't let you go just yet. There is an army coming in Berk and you're needed at once. To Berk!

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