Here's how the other fix their dragon home in The Snowdrop Movie

[while that is happening, we veiw the others working on a winter house for the dragons]

Yuna: We've gotta hurry and get this house done, winter will be here soon!

Princess Luna: Just be fine, Yuna. It'll be okay.

Yuna: No, it's not okay! If Nightstar doesn't have a home she'll freeze!

Hiccup: Not all dragons are used to intense coldness!

Astrid: besides, they need a place to rest while there's snowstorms happening.

Brian: It's okay you guys, will just get this thing ready one baby step at a time.

Yuna: Really?

Brian: Really, really.

[they Button, Puncher, Fishlegs, and Meatlug fly in carrying a big net full of fish]

Fishlegs: We've brought some more food to store in the storage closet.

Brian: Okay, let's get a heiving!

["Working Together" starts playing]

[As the song is over the playing characters come in]

Snowdrop: Hey guys! What's this?

Hiccup: A Winter house for our dragons.

Yuna: Yep, winter is coming.

Snowdrop: Well, Frostlord is a ice dragon. So I think he's okay.

[Then Arlo rolls down and bumps into Snowdorp which causes the project to roll towards our heroes]

Yuna: Run!

[everyone gets clear and then it catches up to them]

Skyla: Watch out!

[Then it catches them crashing them in a lake]


Arlo: Oops.

Snowdrop: (comes down) Uuuuuhhhh, guys? Are you okay?

Astrid: NO!! Everything is not okay! Can you figure out what the problem is?!

Snowdrop: Uh, oh.

Astrid: How do you think we feel with your playfulness and destroying our ideas. I'm mortified! Absoulutly mortified! You should know better than this.

Snowdrop: We were just having fun.

Astrid: Is this some kind of a joke to you?! Winter is almost here, and we need to be prepared for anything! But we can't if you or your dinosaur friend get in the way! Figure out what matters most and go play with your blind friends!

Yuna: Astrid, you're going too far!

Snowdrop: Astrid, I'm sorry.

Astrid: Just get away from me, I can't even look at you! [turns her back to Snowdrop]

Snowdrop: [tearfully] But Astrid, I...

Astrid: DON'T!!!

Snowdrop: [sighs]

[she sadly trudges away as Arlo and her dragons follow]

Arlo: [turns his head to Astrid] What's your problem? [turns away to follow his friend]


Astrid: What?! She did this!

Sweetie Belle: You hurt her feelings Astrid! You know she has a tragic past!

Astrid: She should know better!

Human Fluttershy: "Know better"?!

[The Human Mane 6 came down as if they were watching everything]

Human Twilight: You should be ashame of yourself, she's a poor filly!

Astrid: None of that matters to me! It's almost winter and we need to get the winter shelter ready! But we can't do that when Snowdrop is around here playing with her big dinosaur friend!

Skyla: You know what, Astrid? I'm gonna find her and you can finish the winter house without me. [she and Crystal Heart leave]

Astrid: Fine. [she and Stormfly head back to the winter house]

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