This is how Flain does his research in Mal's Mixel Friendship Games.

[Meanwhile, At Crystal Prep High, School bell rings, Flain was a Crystal Prep Student, As he Looked at Many Crystal Prep Students]

Flain (EG): [Sighs] Ok. I think this will be fine.

[He bumps into several students on the way]

Flain (EG): Excuse me. Sorry. Pardon me.

[At the Research Laboratory, Flain Arrives]

Vulk (EG): Hey Flain, How it'd go?

Sci-Mike: Was Your Crystal Prep Students there?

Flain (EG): Yes, Their very mean you know.

Zorch (EG): Bummer.

Flain (EG): Okay, okay! Last night's field test confirmed it, Guys. With this device, I can track and contain the bizarre energy coming from Canterlot High.

Sci-Mike: Flain! You know what would happen if this school's principal caught you going there.

Flain (EG): I know you didn't like me going over there, but I just couldn't wait. And soon, I'll have all the time I need. All of Crystal Prep is gonna be there for the Friendship Games. I just hope all that "rivalry" nonsense doesn't get in the way of my research. If I can collect enough data on these EM frequencies, I should be able to extrapolate the waveforms to determine their origin. That would practically guarantee my entrance into the Everton Independent Study Program! Whoa!

[As he Slips and Flain Falls, Good Principal Cherubimon Appears and opens the door]

Principal Cherubimon: Flain, you know the rules against pets.

Flain (EG): Well, Lillipup isn't a pet, Principal Cherubimon. He's the focus of my research project. Human-canine cohabitation: effects and implications.

Principal Cherubimon: If you say so. But Dr. X is highly allergic, so I suggest you put on a clean shirt.

Flain (EG): Why?

Principal Cherubimon: Because he wants to see you.

Flain (EG): Ooh! Maybe he has news about my application to Everton!

Principal Cherubimon: I've been meaning to talk to you about that. Are you sure that's what you really want?

Flain (EG): Why wouldn't it be? A program that allows me to focus all my attention on my own advanced math and science projects? What a dream come true!

Principal Cherubimon: But there aren't any classrooms with other students. You'll be doing everything on your own.

Flain (EG): That is why it's called an "independent study program".

Principal Cherubimon: I just don't want you to miss out on anything. That's all. Being around other people isn't a bad thing. Sometimes it's how you learn the most about yourself.

Flain (EG): I guess

Principal Cherubimon: Meet you in Dr. X's office in a few minutes?

[As Cherubimon Leaves]

Flain (EG): [to those guys] What's he so worried about? Everton is exactly what I need right now. [sighs] It's not like I have anything left to learn at Crystal Prep.

[As Flain Enters Hallway Looking at the Crystal Prep Classrooms and Trophies]

Flain (EG): I've walked through all these halls before~

I've been in and out of every door, oh-whoa-oh~

There's nothin' in this school that I don't know~

[As he looks the Classroom, Fleur De Lis Hides the Curtains]

Flain (EG): In every class, my grade's the best~

The highest score on every test~

I think that means it's time for me to go~

I know there's more that's out there~

And I just haven't found it yet~

I know there's more that's out there~

Another me I haven't met~

[He Looks at all of the Crystal Prep Students chatting, and looks at Flain, They still annoyed]

Flain (EG): This school is full of people~

But still I don't belong~

They only dream of winning~

Look at me like something's wrong~

Maybe I'm better off alone~

Will I find what I'm lookin' for~

If I just do it on my own?~

[He Looks at the window zooming out of Crystal Prep High]

I know there's more that's out there~

Something to fill this hole inside~

I know there's more that's out there~

And I'm not afraid to try~

There's only so much this school can offer~

And I'm not saying that it's wrong~

But I know there's more that's out there~

'Cause I've been searching all along~

Beyond these rooms, beyond these walls~

So much to learn, I can't see it all~

There's somethin' out there callin' me~

And it's a mystery that I can't wait to see~

'Cause I know there's more that's out there~

Another place, another way~

And I know there's more that's out there~

And I'll find out someday!~

I'll find out someday...~

[As Flain opens the office Door, He goes into the office and sits down The someone closes the door, Revealing to be Burnard]

Flain (EG): Burnard? Why is my cousin here?

Principal Cherubimon: As an alumni, Dr. X thought he could provide some unique perspective.

Flain (EG): Perspective on what?

[He Spins the chair, Revealing to be Dr. X]

Dr. X: Why, the Friendship Games, of course. You competed in the games, did you not, Burnard?

Burnard (EG): [ahem] I did.

Dr. X: And you happen to recall who won?

Burnard (EG): Ha ha, Crystal Prep did. We always win.

Dr. X: We always win.

Flain (EG): Why did you ask to see me?

Dr. X: Flain, I'll be honest. It doesn't matter whether or not Crystal Prep wins or loses. [He cleans the trophy] The important thing is we are expected to win because Crystal Prep has a reputation. And it is that reputation that is responsible for everything we have here. For everything you've done here. And you've done quite a lot, haven't you?

Flain (EG): I don't know. I guess.

Dr. X: Oh, don't be modest. You're the best student this school has ever seen. What I can't understand is why my best student wouldn't want to compete.

Flain (EG): In the Friendship Games?

Burnard (EG): Look, Flain, I know it's not really your thing, but representing the school is kind of a big deal. Plus, they could really use your help.

Dr. X: It seems Canterlot High is undergoing something of a renaissance. Test scores are up, grades, even athletics are on the rise. You see, they are developing somewhat of a reputation. This can not happen!

Flain (EG): Dr. X, I can't possibly participate in the games. My work here is very—

Dr. X: Ah, yes. Your work. Cherubimon, could you and Burnard find my contact sheet for the Everton Independent Study program?

Principal Cherubimon: Of course.

[As they leave and closes the door]

Dr. X: I understand you've applied. You see, one of the advantages of having a reputation is a certain amount of influence in such things. So, let me offer you a deal. In return for contributing your agile mind to these games, I will use my influence to guarantee your application is approved. Though, I suppose I could also have it... denied. What do you think I should do?

[Flain is feeling Concerned, Then later, At Research lab, Flain returns]

Vulk (EG): So, How's the office?

Flain (EG): Fine I guess, Guys, I was always gonna go to Canterlot High for the Friendship Games. Ich! The only difference now is that I have to compete. Besides, it's not like Dr. X gave me much of a choice.

Sci-Mike: Yeah.

Flain (EG): I know, Guys. I don't like it either. I probably won't be able to collect anywhere near as much data as I thought. But maybe I can still get some.

Zorch (EG): Yeah. But what about Lillipup?

Flain (EG): Oh, Maybe he can Come too.

[Flain packs Lillipup in the Backpack and they leave, Later, At Crystal Prep Bus station, All the Students are waiting to go on Canterlot High, plain and the others arrive]

Flain (EG): Principal Cherubimon.

Principal Cherubimon: One second, Flain.

Vaka-Waka (EG): [sourly] You could try the end of the line!

Zorch (EG): Excuse me?

Flain (EG): What did you say?

Vaka-Waka (EG): [sweetly] Just that someone as smart as you should definitely go first.

Flain (EG): I...I didn't mean to. I was just asking.

Principal Cherubimon: This is the right bus, Guys. Go ahead.

Sci-Mike: What?!

Flain (EG): But...I didn't mean to cut in front.

Vaka-Waka (EG): [sourly] [scoffs] Well, it's too late now.

[Then the bus door Opens, As Flain and the others get on, Then Krog pops up]

Krog (EG): Are we gonna win?!?!

Flain (EG): I...I don't know.

Krog (EG): Wrong answer!! Try again! Are we gonna win?!?!

Flain (EG): Um...I guess? I-It's just...I mean...I heard that CHS is doing well now. With their reputation. And, I mean, it's not better than ours, of course. But we can't let them do it, you know? Win, I mean? Right?

[Then the Crystal Prep students get a little confused]

Bus Driver: You're gonna have to take a seat!

[Then Flain tries to find a seat, But all seats are taken, Then, Flain finds the seat next to Globert and sits]

Flain (EG): Hi, Globert.

Globert (EG): That was a really bad speech. You should consider not speaking in public.

[The Engine starts]

[Flain Opens a Backpack and reveals to be Lillipup]

Flain (EG): Well, Lillipup, at least I've got you with me.

[Then, Kamzo with headphones on, listening to rocking music]

Kamzo (EG): Dude, you have gotta hear this!

[Kamzo puts Headphones on Flain, Causing him to feel shaky]

Flain (EG): Oh my, Too loud!

[Then The Bus takes off and goes to Canterlot High]

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