Flain (EG) is the human version of Flain from LEGO Mixles.


Flain came to CHS after making a amulet. After taking the human Mixles' powers after Mal shouted at him. During the last event of the Friendship Games, Flain released all the powers causing it engulf him turning into Black Infernite Max, He goes on a rampage destroying everything to get it, However with Mal using a amulet, he turned into White Angel Mal, in the Climatic showdown, As he was about to finish Mal off, but Flain's friends quickly tell him to stop, and he snaps out of the corruption, White Angel Mal unleashes the powers to end Black Infernite Max off, Mal offers a hand to show him another way, As he tearfully takes his hand, And turning them back to normal, He learns that friendship is a mixing way, After the Wondercolts and Shadowbolts won, Flain and his friends transfer to CHS and has become Wondercolts.


  • Flain can merge with Sci-Ryan and became Black Sci-Ryan Max.
  • Flain and four of his friends will join Ryan and the gang in

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