This is how Flash Sentry vs. the Fallen goes in My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

[Flash and the Fallen face each other]

[Twilight raises her hand. The Fallen merely levitates her and throws her off the pyramid, knocking her out. Flash looks angered]

Flash Sentry (EG): You hunk of evil scrap!

[Flash tackles the Fallen and they tumble down the pyramid. They land at the bottom and pick themselves up]

Flash Sentry (EG): What did Twilight ever do to you?!

The Fallen: Rise above this. She means nothing to you.

Flash Sentry (EG): Twilight means more to me than anyone I've ever known.

[He charges but the Fallen pins him down]

The Fallen: She had feelings for a Pegasus guard. She would've never have feelings for you.

Flash Sentry (EG): I helped her when she first came here.

[He pushes the Fallen off]

The Fallen: She loved a Pegasus guard. She would've never loved you.

Flash Sentry (EG): She may not love me. But I love her!

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