This is how Flik meets Princess Atta goes in F.L.I.K..

[Flik comes home from another day at work and takes off his backpack and prepares to enter his house when he stops and sees something]

Flik: What's that?

[He goes over]

[He puts Hal in the truck]

[He hurries away]

[The object moves]

[Flik admires it for a sec]

[He stares at it in wonder]

Flik: Whoa.

[Flik tries to pick it up but it moves]

[He tries again]

[The object moves again]

[He keeps trying]

[The object keeps moving]

[Flik tries again]

[The object moves once more]

Flik: Ooh.

[He tries again]

[The dot speeds off]

[Flik follows]

[Flik turns to see the opened container and sees a slender lavender ant with clear wings on her back, blue eyes, and a tiara made from grass on her head]

Flik: [stares in awe] Ooh.

[She looks around]

[She looks a her watch and sends out a scanner]

[She goes off in the other direction]

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