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Flintlock is a member of the Sky Pirate crew of Misfortune's Keep.


Flintlock was originally a successful pirate captain. When Nadakahn appears after Flintlock sunk his own ship he wished is to be back on dry land and that's exactly what he got is him in a dessert and then Nadakahn asked him what his second wish would be and Flintlock wished is to be somewhere else cooler "Sooner rather then later" and Nadakahn made that happen and Flintlock found himself in the artic. When Nadakahn asked him about his third wish, Flintlock say that he wished he was on a "decent pirate ship" and Nadakahn made it happen saying "Your wish is yours to keep.". When the wish is done, Flintlock found himself on board Misfortune's Keep and he joined the crew when


  • He will meet Ryan in