Chris shows up with the white Chaos Emerald. Suddenly, Chaos arrives and attacks Chris. Sonic and Knuckles rescue Chris, but Chaos escapes with the Chaos Emerald. As it has all seven Chaos Emeralds, Chaos transforms into Perfect Chaos, and attacks Angel Grove, flooding the city. Tikal the Echidna, who came from the past, arrives to tell Pooh, Mewtwo, and Sonic about Chaos. Perfect Chaos drains the Emeralds' power and discards them. Tails, Amy, Cream, Knuckles, Chris, Big and Eggman find the Chaos Emeralds and give them to Sonic. Sonic and Shadow transforms into Super Sonic and Super Shadow and defeats Perfect Chaos, but Chaos is still alive. A chao colony arrives and Tikal tells Chaos the truth, then Chaos and Tikal Greeted by Zordon and Oracle, they Became Members of the Emerald Searchers.

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