The way Floop reprograms the robot children goes Thomas and Twilight Sparkle's Adventure with Spy Kids.

Carmen: Mom! Dad!

Ingrid: Carmen, Juni, close your eyes. We don't want you to see this, OK?

[Punching, socking]

Juni: Whoa!

[the robots come in]

Mako: The robots!

INGRID: Any ideas?

Gregorio: I'm thinking. I'm thinking.

Lisp: Wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful.


Carmen: No. Juni?

GREGORIO: I've thought it out. Yes. I've thought it out. I think I got it.

INGRID: Tell us.

GREGORIO: Family, here's what we do. I'll take the hundred on the right. Ingrid, you take the hundred on the left. Carmen, hundred center-left. Juni, center-right. It'll work. It'll work.

JUNI: There's 500 total, Dad. We need one more person.

[glass breaking]

Pinkie: Machete!

Gregorio: Isador.

Machete: Hello, little brother. [winks at Carmen]

Lisp: Children! Tear them limb from limb.

In the control room.

Floop: Good. How? How? I'll have to teach them. Shaped by environment, man... [Gasps] Of course! [presses 3 buttons]

The Main room.

Robots: Aah! Haaah! [they charge the bad guys]

LISP: Aah! [the robots are tossing the villains up and about] Minion! Tell them to put me down!

MINION: Their mind is a mirror now, sir. Anything we tell them goes in one ear and out the other!

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