The Floral Magician Team are the sixteen group of the members, Mary Bell and her sisters have came from the Flower Magic World. The Floral Magicians uses their flower magic and abilities by their items. So they have the five seelie courts are Tambourine, Pab, Wally, Tommie and Mattie. When Mary Bell is joined by the team called the Legendary Mermaid Princess. And Aikko meets Mary Bell's Sisters and joined by the group. So they have their family of the Flower Magic World, The Princess Force and the other Floral Magicians too.


Color Name
Pink Floral Magician Mary Bell (joined with the Mermaid Princesses) Aikko
Red Floral Magician Ruby Bell
Orange Floral Magician Mandarin Bell
Yellow Floral Magician Topaz Bell
Lime Floral Magician Peridot Bell
Green Floral Magician Felica Bell
Cyan Floral Magician Aquamarine Bell
Aqua Floral Magician Indicolite Bell
Blue Floral Magician Sapphire Bell
Violet Floral Magician Violet Bell
Indigo Floral Magician Tanzanite Bell
Purple Floral Magician Amethyst Bell
Magenta Floral Magician Rosie Bell
Rose Floral Magician Pinkie Bell
White Floral Magician Lila Bell
Black Floral Magician Montana Bell


Magic Words

  1. Mary Bell/Aikko: Mari rin Beru run rin rin rin!
  2. Ruby Bell: Rubi rin Beru run bin bin bin!
  3. Mandarin Bell: Manda rin Beru run dan dan dan!
  4. Topaz Bell: Topa rin Beru run zun zun zun!
  5. Peridot Bell: Peri rin Beru run rin rin rin!
  6. Felica Bell: Feli rin Beru run fun fun fun!
  7. Aquamarine Bell: Aqua rin Beru run ran ran ran!
  8. Indicolite Bell: Indi rin Beru run pon pon pon!
  9. Sapphire Bell: Sapaira rin Beru run lan lan lan!
  10. Violet Bell: Vio rin Beru run len len len!
  11. Tanzanite Bell: Tana rin Beru run jin jin jin!
  12. Amethyst Bell: Ame rin Beru run tin tin tin!
  13. Rosie Bell: Rozi rin Beru run fin fin fin!
  14. Pinkie Bell: Pinky rin Beru run piru piru piru!
  15. Lila Bell: Lira rin Beru run rain rain rain!
  16. Montana Bell: Monta rin Beru run nan nan nan!