This is how Fluttershy finds Wulf goes in Claw of the Wild of Crash, Thomas and Ryan Meet Danny Phantom.

[Human Fluttershy walks through the woods, followed by Ryan-Ko]

Ryan-Ko: Fluttershy, are you sure this is a good idea?

Human Fluttershy: Of course. We can cover more group if we're in pairs.

[Cody-Ling, in ward paper form, glows]

Ryan-Ko: You said it, bro.

Human Fluttershy: Wait. What's that noise?

Ryan-Ko: [unsheds his metal claws] Megatron? Thugs?

Human Fluttershy: No. It's sounds more like whimpering.

[They peer into a clear and find Wulf, the ghost wolf, there. They try to approach him but Ryan-Ko steps on a twig, making Wulf turn and growl]

Ryan-Ko: Easy, big fella. I'm a hero like her.

Human Fluttershy: It's alright. I know him. He's Wulf.

Ryan-Ko: Ryan seen some films. Werewolfs hate silver.

[Cody-Ling glows]

Human Fluttershy: What is he saying?

Ryan-Ko: He's saying that's not a werewolf, it's a ghost wolf.

Human Fluttershy: Relax. I'm good with animals. It's my special gift. [goes over to Wulf] What's wrong, big fella?

Wulf: [growls holding up his paw]

Ryan-Ko: Oh, you poor thing.

[Cody-Ling glows]

Human Fluttershy: What's your brother saying now?

Ryan-Ko: He's saying he thinks we should help him.

[Human Fluttershy looks at Wulf]

Wulf: [speaking Esperanto]

Ryan-Ko: Okay, I have no idea what that means.

[Human Fluttershy studies Wulf for a moment then looks at Ryan-Ko]

Human Fluttershy: He's hurt real bad. Can't we just help him get home?

Ryan-Ko: You're right. We need to find the others.

[Cody-Ling glows]

Cody-Ling: You said it.

Human Fluttershy: He spoke.

Ryan-Ko: He only talks when he needs to.

[Back at the campsite]

Ryan F-Freeman: It's quiet. Too quiet.

Evil Ryan: Where is Fluttershy and that kung fu master?

Evil Anna: Probably got caught by the monster.

Spikewave: No. Ryan-Ko is a chinese vampire. He can fight the monster.

Thomas: Duh. The monsters are ghosts. I think if we find Tucker, we find the thermos.

Matau T. Monkey: Good idea.

[They reach the lake but there is no sign of Tucker or the thermos or the other campers]

Thomas: Tucker's gone. And so is the thermos.

Ryan F-Freeman: I know. [touches his neck and realizes something] My geodes.

Matau T. Monkey: Your what?

Ryan F-Freeman: My geodes. Gloriosa gave them to me as a award for saving Camp Everfree.

Thomas: What will you do?

Ryan F-Freeman:

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