Ernie hosts a "Cultural Food Fair" at the juice bar, and Pooh & The Others & the Rangers help out, offering foods from around the world to patrons. When Bulk and Skull arrive, they turn the peaceful fair into a full-on food fight causing Mr. Caplan to blame Pooh, the others, the ranger teens, and the ETO Rangers for the mess, but Dave was heart-broken and ran off, much to the dismay of the others. Rita & Nyama are inspired by this madness and generates Pudgy Pig, a wicked monster that is always hungry & The Time Shifter Change A Time Shifter That Eats Food And Turn Into Money Pudgy Pig & Change will deplete the entire world of its food supply in 48 hours unless Our Heroes & the Rangers can thwart him. Problems arise when the villain eats the group's Power Weapons, but Trini & Eldora noticed that Pudgy Pig & Change-Con cannot stand the taste of spicy foods. They devise a trap that makes him spit up the weapons, and the Power Blaster destroys the pig & Rescue The Shifter. On their return with Alpha's food, Mr. Caplan apologizes for overreacting for something that wasn't Dave and the other's fault and pays off the spicy sandwiches.


Our Story Begins In The Youth Center Preparing The Cultural Food Festival

Ernie: Oh Yeah This Place Is Looking Good

Girls: Hi Ernie

Ernie: Hi Girls

Bulk & Skull Playing With The Spoon

Ernie: Hey Don't You Standing Here You Clowns

Ernie: Give Me A Hand With These

Ernie: Not Them You Bozos Help Me Carring The Cream Pies

Mr Caplan: How Your Doing Girls

Girls: Hi

Mr Caplan: Well Look's Like The Cultural Food Festival Is Going To Make A Great Sucess

Trini: Yeah We Shall Raise The Money For The Preschool And The Daycare Center

Mr Caplan: Hey What's This

Dave Felis: Hey Hey Hey Mr Caplan You Have To Buy It First

Nyorori: And We Believe Is For 20 Dollars Nyorori

Mr Caplan: Well I Was Really Not Hungry Anyway

Ernie: Hey Back To Work Kids Opens 20 Minutes

Uri: This Will Be A Great Food Fair

Jason: Yeah I Just Hope Rita & Nyanma Dosen't Have Hungry For Trouble

Bakumaru: With The Time Shifters On Their Side It's A Chaos Out Of Control

All Begin To Work

Meanwhile In Rita's Moon Palace

Jyuken: What They Are Doing Squatt

Squatt: Looks Like They're Having Some Kind Of Food Festival Yeah

Jyuken: Really Let Me See, Let Me See

Rita & Nyanma Suffers Of Sickness

Nyanma: Oh Jyuken We Feel Terrible

Jyuken: Oh No Your Evil Ones You Can't Be Yourselves Sick

Rita: Don't Tell Us That We're Am Cause We Are You Dumb

Jyuken: Oh Yeah You Know You Are Terrible

Squatt: Look We Got Something To Cheer You Up

Nyanma: Cheer Us Up

Rita: Get Out Of The Way Let's Us See

They Watching In The Telescope The Food Festival

Nyanma: UGH Food Now We're Really Feel Sick Get Rid Of It Get Rid Of It

Nyanma: Someone Call A Doctor!

Meanwhile In The Youth Center They Are Occupied In The Food Festival


Bulk: This Why I Have To See A Bunch Of Goody Goods About To Get Creamed By Pies That Is

They Preparing The Food Fight

Bulk: What Are You Wating For Dult

Bulk: We're Not Going To Eat Them NUMBSKULL!! We're Going To Throw Them

Bulk: Split Up

Trini: Hey Mr Caplan Check This Delicious Fry Vegetables

Mr Caplan: Well Let Me See

Billy: Salsbury Chicken Salt

Trini: How About Chowmein

Bulk: Hey I Bet To Check The Hit On The Principal Over There

Bulk Launches The Pie To Caplan's Wig And End In Skull's Face


They Begun To Turn The Food Festival Into A Food Fight

Mr Caplan Get His Wig Over The Punch

And They Begin To Turn Things To Worse

Mr Caplan: Hey Cut It Out

Bakumaru: Houston We Have A Serious Emergency

Meanwhile In Rita's Moon Palace

Rita: Food Fight! We Are Going To Make A Fight For That Food


Nyanma: ROURAN!

Finster: Yeah That Shall Do

Rouran: Okay

Finster: Now Let's See Rouran

Rita: Gentlemen We Want To You Make Us A Monster & Send Another Time Shifter But Not The Usuals They Better Be Specials

Rouran: All Of Our Monsters & Shifters Are Specials

Nyanma: ROURAN!

Finster: Oh Sorry My Queens

Nyanma: We Want A Pudgy Pig & Change

Finster: We Have A Pudgy Pig & The Shifter Named Change

Rouran: But They Are Not Our Best Works

Rita: Then Make It Your Best Works

Nyanma: Make Sure They Have A Big Appetite

Nyanma: We Want To Be All The Food On Earth

Rouran: Yes Our Queens

Finster & Rouran Activates The Monster Matic And Pudgy Pig & Change Appears

Rouran: We Are Doomed For Sure

Pudgy Pig: We're Hungry

Change: Money

The Pudgy Pig And Change Appears On Earth And They Begin To Pigging The Trashcan And Change Turns The Food Into Money

Later In The Youth Center The Food Fight Continues

Jason: We Gotta Stop This

Cream: Yeah Look At This Mess We Gotta Save The Food Fair

Bakumaru: Right Split Up

Mr. Caplan: This Is Terrible

Bulk: Launch That Pie Get Him

And Launch That Pie Over That Guy

Bulk Laughs

Jason Holds A Sausage As A Nunchaku And Bakumaru Holds A Coconut

Jason Uses The Nunchaku Sausage And Bakumaru Drops The Coconut & The Pie On Bulk's Head

Jason & Bakumaru Laughs

Mr Caplan Begins To Hide

Skull Laughs

Souffle: Skull Put It Down

Skull: Oh Okay Sure No Problem

Skull Drops The Pumpkin Punch To Bulk

Bulk: Moron

Bulk Launches The Pie To Skull's Face

Bulk Laughs

Meanwhile Pudgey Pig & Change Terrorize A Picnic

A Lady Screams

Change: Oh Great Buffet!

The Teens Begin To Run And Pudgey & Change Begins To Dig In

And In The Youth Center The Food Fight Continues And A Guy Launching Hamburgers

Monk: Watch It Pal

Then A Guy With Sunglasses With Two Pies To Billy & Trini Appears

Uri: Look Out!

And The Guy Falls Into The Tomato Chili DIp

Trini: Have A Good Lunch

Billy: That Will Be 20 Dollars

Nyorori: Have A Good Day & Lunch Nyorori

Zack: Hey Yo Big Guy

Pochiro: Why Don't You Chill With The Whipped Cream Pighead

Bulk Uses The Chantly As The Bull's Breath

Hols: So You Want To Play Fair

Zack: Leave It To Us Hols

Zack: Ready Dave, Tart

Dave Felis: Okay

Tart: Count Me In

Zack Dave, & Tart Imitates A Bullfighters

Zack: Toro Toro Toro

Zack: Toro, Toro Toro

Tart: OLE!

Bulk Throws From The Table And Drops The Punch To Mr Caplan

Drago: Now You Made A Major Boo Boo Guys

Mr Caplan: That's Is IT!

Mr Caplan: Look At This Mess Our Food Festival Is Ruined

Mr Caplan: When You Should Be Ashamed Of Yourselves

Mr Caplan: I Hope You Have Enough Money To Pay The Playground Equipment

Bakumaru: But Mr Caplan

Mr Caplan: But I Don't Want To Hear Any Excuses

Mr Caplan: (Tossing the mop to Dave) Here You Are Encharge Of The Cleaness

Dave: I can't believe this. I can't seem to do anything right.

Dave throws down the mop and ran off, crying.

Tart: Dave, wait.

Cut to Dave Felis looking out in the balcony over Angel Grove.

Dave: (thinking) I can't believe it. Everytime I come in, things go wrong.

Suddenly, the sound of plates catched his ears' attention. He turns to see Pudgy Pig and Change pigging out.

Dave: Great. First Mr. Caplan blames me for the food fight and now I have to handle Rita and Nyanma's monster and another possesed time shifter. I better warn Zordon and Aura of this. (turns on communicator) Zordon, Aura, Rita and Nyanma has send in another monster and a time shifter near the Food plant. Get the others here quickly while I handle them for a while.

And In The Youth Center

The Comunicator Sounds & So The ETO Badge.

Jason: Come On

Nyorori: Saved By The Bells Nyorori

Jason: Come in Princess Aura

Aura: Power Rangers, Everyone We Need You At The Command Center Inmediatly

Drago: We Are On Our Way

(teleporting to the command center, Tart noticed something on the viewing globe)

Tart: Hey, isn't that Dave?

Monk: What?

They all gather up to see it. There was Dave fighting something off-screen.

Pooh: That's Dave.

Cream: Who's he fighting?

(Then viewing globe cut to him fighting Pudgy Pig)

Renamon: What A Pig

Bakumaru: Man Is Going To Need A Serious Diet

Tart: Dosen't He Ever Stop?

Pooh: Look

(Then change eats the Meatball Wagon and turn it into a collection of Coins)

Pochiro: Look's Like He's Got A Companion It's Change One Of The Time Shifters

Gaou: Change?

Nyorori: It's A Time Shifter That Only Eats Food And Turn it Into Money Nyorori

Zordon: The Images You See is where Dave is trying to hold off. It Happen Just A Moment Ago

Zordon: It Appears That Rita & Nyanma Have Unleashed a Rabionous Pig With One of The Shifters Upon The Earth

Zordon: And Their Own Purpose Is To Eat

Uri: Oh Boy If They Go That Way They Will Eventualy Eat Everything

Aura: Our Calculate Says They will Consume The Entire Supply Of Food On Earth In 48 Hours.

Aura: That Couple Must Be Stopped

Kimberly: Look At Those Things They Are So Gross

Alpha: Greetings Dudes & Dudettes I Thought I Give You A Hand With The Food For The Festival

All: Thanks Alpha

Zordon: Later Alpha, Pooh And His Friends And The Power Rangers & The ETO Rangers Have Work To Do We Wish You Luck

Bakumaru: Ready!


The MMPR Logo Appears

Zack: Mastodon

Kimberly: Pterodactyl

Billy: Triceratops

Trini: Saber-Toothed Tiger

Jason: Tyrannosaurus


Bakumaru & Friends: The Twelve Warriors Bakuretsu ETO Rangers!

Dave Felis was hit alot.

Tart: DAVE!

Tart: Have You alright.

Dave: Yeah, a bit of minor hits, but I'm fine

Rita & Nyanma: ATTACK

Jason: All Right Porkers The Big Feast It's Over

Zack: Oh Yeah You're Finished With Your Friend Pig

Kimberly: They Are So Disgusting

Tart: Come Down And Fight Like A Pig & Shifter

Change: Change Shapeshift To CHANGE-CON!

Gaou: Leave It To Me

Bakumaru: All Yours

Gaou: Tora Tora Eye!

Gaou Uses His Shades To Transform Into A Tiger

They Begin to Fight But Instead They Eats Their Weapons

Rita: Yeah The Power Rangers Weapons Went Down

Rouran: Of Course That Pudgy Pig & The Shifter Change Are The Greatest Monsters That We Built We Can Make Sure They Will Destroy Pooh And His Friends And The Power Rangers And The ETO Rangers For Good

The Pig Eats Jason's Sword

Bakumaru: Oh No Your Sword

The Pig Shoots A Twister Ray To Teletransport Them To The Park

All Screams

Zack: What A Weird Way To Travel

Tigger: Same Here

Jason: This It's Too Strange

The Communicator Sounds And The ETO Badge

Zordon: Power Rangers, Everyone When You Are In The Pig & Change-Con's Vortex They Found The Way To Enter The Food Festival And They're Causing Chaos

Souffle: It's Horrible

All: Oh No

Bakumaru: Come On

Meanwhile In The Youth Center

A Lady Screams

And The Pudgy Pig & Change-con are Terrorizing The Place

And Eating The Whole Food Festival

And Bulk & Skull Mocks Them

Change Con: BOOOO!

And Bulk & Skull Runs Scaredly

Ernie: Where's Pooh And His Friends And The Power Rangers When You Need Them

And Then Pudgey & Change-Con Continues Terrorizing The Place And They're Dissapears

Our Heroes Appears And The Place Is Empty

Kimberly: Ewww What a Mess

Pooh: I Guess We're Too Late They Eat Everything Inside

Dave Felis: Mr. Caplan Is Going To Flip His Wig Again

Jason: We Gotta Stop Those Two

Monk: Yeah But How If Those Things Swallow Our Weapons

Trini: Hey Wait A Minute Did You Guys See When I See

Trini: Come On

Trini: Look Around

Trini: Those Two Eat Everything Inside But They Didn't Touch The Hot Stuff

Dave Felis: Well It's Obiously They Didn't Like The Spicy Foods

Billy: We Can Use That Information To Defeat The Monsters

Zack: But How You Figured That

Nyorori: Well Why Don't Learn The Animal & The Shifter With Food After This Spicy Rabbish Inside Nyorori

Pakaracchi: That's A Great Idea Guys

Jason: So If We Make Them Are Sick They Bring Our Weapon's Back

Billy: Afirmative

Trini: We're Going Bring The Hot Stuff Come On

Meanwhile In Rita's Moon Palace

Rita: This Is Working At Better That We Planned They Eat Everything Inside

Rita Cackles

Rita Watches His Telescope


Nyanma: ROURAN

Nyanma: Either Of You Fools Have Seen Finster & Rouran They Never Around When They Sees When You Needed

Rita & Nyanma: FINSTER!

Nyanma: Finster, Rouran You Dimwits We Need You Now

Finster: Our Monsters Working Perfectly

Rita: Don't You Stand Around Here We Need Finster & Rouran

Nyanma: What Of You Guys Stand Around Here

Rita & Nyanma: GET THEM!

Finster: We're Just Make How Wait A Little While And Marching Triumphants

The Pudgy Pig & Change-Con Appears On Angel Grove's Food Packing Plant

Jason: Zordon, Princess We Found The Way To Defeat The Pig & Change-Con

Trini: We Just To Know Where They Are

Aura: Our Sensors Tell Us They Are Terrorizing The Food Packing Plant

Zordon: Go Now Power Rangers And Let The Power Protect You

Drago: We Are On Our Way

The MMPR Logo Appears

Zack: Mastodon

Kimberly: Pterodactyl

Billy: Triceratops

Trini: Saber Toothed Tiger

Jason: Tyrannosaurus

The Power Rangers Appears

Jason: All Right Let's Do It

All: Power Rangers

Bakumaru & Friends: The Twelve Warriors Bakuretsu ETO Rangers.

The Pig & Change-Con Begins To Hide

Bakumaru: All Right It's Time To Go For The Gold

Bakumaru: And Refering To Gold I Mean

Bakumaru: Spirit Summon: Eldora

The Eldora Egg Appears And Transforms Into Eldora

Trini: Well Eldora We're Going To Need Your Help

Eldora: I'm Ready For Anything You Want Trini

Jason: Power Rangers Let's Get Them

They Enter In Action

And They Showed The Food

Jason: Come On Piggy Free Food

Dave Felis: Bon Appetite

Souffle: Here You Go!

The Pudgy Pig & Change Con Begins To Eat The Spicy Food

Gaou: Okay Trini Send Down The Hot Stuff

Trini: One Hot Red Rabbish Coming Up

Trini Begins To Plant The Rabbish In The Sandwich

Trini: Hey Piggy, Change-Con Are You Hungry Catch

The Pudgy Pig Eats The Spicy Sandwich

Change-con: No It's A Trap

The Pudgy Pig Explodes With A Yellow Smoke

And They Bring Their Weapons Back

Bakumaru: All Right Eldora Now It's Your Time To Shapeshift

Eldora: As You Wish Bakumaru

Eldora: Eldora Shapeshift To Eldora-Master

Eldora m: Sorry Change-Con But You Are Getting In The Way

Eldora Pushes Change-Con

The Pudgy Pig Desinflates

They Begin To Attack

Eldora: Shiny Gold Blinding Beam

Eldora Uses His Blinding Beam To Flash Change-Con

Jason: All Right Let's Finish These Porkers

All: Right

They Begin To Form The Power Blaster

Zack: Power Axe

Kimberly: Power Bow

Trini: Power Daggers

Billy: Power Lance

Jason: Power Sword

All: Power Rangers

They Fire At Pudgy Pig

And Explodes

Jason: Bakumaru Your Turn

Bakumaru: Okay

Bakumaru Holds The Revealing Mirror

Bakumaru: Jyarei Reveal

The Revealing Mirror Shoot His Laser And Nyanma's Stamp Is Erased On Change's Head And Change It's Back To Normal

Bakumaru: Hey Rita, Nyanma You Have Better Than That If You Want To Beat Us

Meanwhile In Rita's Moon Palace

Rita: You Imbiciles Your Monster & The Shifter Are Worthless

Rouran: But We Warned You That Is Not Our Greatests Works


Jyuken Begins To Slap Squatt's Face

Finster: No My Queens Don't Get Ever Mad Of Us

Nyanma: You Think Was Better

Nyanma: And For You Shut UP

Rita: How We Can Conquer The World With These Dimwits!

Meanwhile In The Youth Center

Zack: Yeah We're BOOM! Morphenomenal

Pooh: Yeah Now We Take Care Of The Pig And Restored Change To Normal That's True

Tigger: But What About The Food Festival

Trini: You Think We Have Enough Money For The Playroom Equipment

The Communicator Sounds

Zordon: I See You Finished Your Mission Power Rangers

Jason: Yeah We Sent The Pudgey Pig To The Fat Farm

Aura: Congratulations Well Done

Get-A-Long: Oh Happy Day We Found The Way To Destroy That Pesky Pig & Restore Change To The Good Side

Jason: Well Get-A-Long I Think We Have The Problem Under Control

Zack: Yeah That Pig Is Sausage Man

Tart: But They Ruined The Food Festival

Alpha: Oh I See Well I Think We Got The Solution Teleporting Now

Teleporting The Sandwiches

Bakumaru: Yeah Thanks Alpha

Cream: Oh Hi Mr Caplan Look We're Just Sorry About What Happen

Mr Caplan: Look I Know You weren't Responsable For This Kids. And Dave, am I glad to see you.

Dave: (Confused) You.. you are?

Mr Caplan: I owe you an apology for my behavior against you, Dave. It seems I overreacted to something that you and the others fault, for I gave Bulk and Skull the cleaning duty from now on. Now We Have Enough Money For The Playroom Equipment For Dispay All This

Trini: But With A Little Help Mr Caplan We Can Make Food For The Rest

Mr Caplan: Let's See What You Got Here

Trini: That Cost You 20 Dollars

Mr Caplan: 20 Dollars

Trini: It's For The Playroom Equipment

Mr Caplan: Okay Im Starved With All This Crazyness

Mr Caplan: I Need Lunch Today

Mr Caplan Holds The Rabbish Hot Sandwich

Dave Felis: Oh No That One Mr Caplan It's A Little Bit

Caplan Munches The Sandwich But He Discovers I'ts A Little Spicy

Dave Felis: Spicy

Mr Caplan: WATER. WATER!

Uri Holds The Water Jar To Mr Caplan

Caplan Drink All The Water And The Wig Falls

Mr Caplan: A Little Hot

Mr Caplan: But Not Bad

Everyone Laughs

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