This is how For The Love of Rarity goes in My Little Pony Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.


[Bumblebee finds Rarity and takes her to a warehouse]

Rarity: Keep an eye out.

[Rarity sees Grindor in helicopter mode coming for her]

Rarity: You see that helicopter, that's Grindor. He's the one who helped in kidnapping me.

[Grindor lands and transforms to robot mode]

Grindor: Give me the insect!

Rarity: Help me!

Bumblebee: Hide!

[Rarity takes cover in a building]

[Bumblebee and Grindor fight]

[Bumblebee chases after Grindor everytime he moves]

[After a long fight, Grindor falls]

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