It's Hobby Week at Angel Grove High. In Miss Appleby's class, the Rangers each present their hobbies. Trini shows off her collection of dolls, including Mr. Ticklesneezer. Jason does a bo staff demonstration; Kimberly does a headstand on the teacher's desk; Zach talks about surfing with his surfboard at hand; and Billy brings in a miniature volcano set. Bulk and Skull heckle the Rangers' hobbies; even Skull, who normally has a crush on Kimberly, is criticizing her skills. When the kids are dismissed, Bulk and Skull play keep away with Trini's doll but they end up making a mess thanks to Billy's volcano. Our Friends & Billy and Trini laugh.

That night, Trini prepares for bed and puts Mr. Ticklesneezer on her nightstand, turning off the lights.

Rita & Nyanma wants Mr. Ticklesneezer, so Squatt & Jyuken sneaks into Trini's room at night when she's asleep. Using some kind of gadget, Squatt & Jyuken makes Ticklesneezer life sized. The two teleport to Rita's palace. Rita & Nyanma learns that Ticklesneezer magically collects things in Goody Bottles and orders him to capture Our Heroes & the Rangers. He's not inherently evil so he's a little reluctant to listen to her And So With The Help Of Bubblegum One Of The Time Shifters Is Going To Make The Work.

The next day, Billy & Nyorori helps Trini look for her missing doll. The Three, while driving in Trini's car, run into the grown Ticklesneezer & Bubblegum-con. He sucks them into his Goody Bottle, as well as many other objects in the city (including planes and trains). Zordon & Aura alerts Our Heroes, The 11 Warriors & the other three Rangers to go help their comrades.

The Rangers morph and go to the train station where Jyuken, Gen'En Goldar, Baboo, Squatt and the Putties are. Ticklesneezer & Bubblegum-Con trips and loses the bottle with Trini and Billy inside. Pink Ranger & And Tart grabs it, but Goldar & Gen'En knocks it out her hands and on to railroad tracks. Pink Ranger & Tart manages to save it before the train runs over it. Billy and Trini morph.

Rita & Nyanma, in a balcony of some apartment, orders Ticklesneezer & Bubblegum to collect Our Heroes & the Rangers. He refuses because he doesn't have a bottle. She makes them grow. Ticklesneezer captures the Megazord & Kirinda as a goodies, but Red Ranger's summoning of the Mega Sword frees them from the bottle. Megazord takes a bottle and begins to suck up Rita and her goons, but they teleport away.

Our Heroes & The Rangers tell Ticklesneezer & Bubblegum-Con to return everything back to its original place. Trini then wakes up and realizes that it was a dream. She panics when her doll isn't in its place on her nightstand, but is relieved when she finds it on the floor & And Also The Time Shifter Egg Of Bubblegum With A Note Written By Pooh & His Friends & Bakumaru & Monk. She states that she really has too much Rita & Nyanma on their mind and falls asleep again, holding her beloved doll & And His New Friend And Trini Is Going To Make A Beautiful Friendship With Bubblegum.

The next day, Bulk and Skull show their hobby to the class - their flea circus. However, all the fleas escaped and are on Miss Appleby


Trini: Legend Has It

Trini: That Mr Ticklesneezer Has Their Unique Magic Powers

Trini: He Can Capture Things And Put Them In A Magic Bottle

Meanwhile In Rita's Moon Palace

Rita: We Never Played Dolls When We Was Little Girls

Nyanma: The Life Is Just Unfair Really Unfair

Rita: Oh That Time

Rita: We Have To Learn Evil Spells & She's Going To His House To Play Dolls All The Day

Nyanma Growls With Fury

Nyanma: That Trini Has Signed His Death Sentence

And In Angel Grove's High School

Trini: Wow Cool Volcano Billy

Billy: Thanks

Gaou: And Also We Liked Your Collection Of Dolls Trini

Trini: Thanks Gaou

Bulk Hold's Mr Ticklesneezer

Bulk: Who Invited Him

Trini: Bulk Give It Back

Bulk: Hey Skull

Bulk Launches Mr Ticklesneezer

Skull: Good Little Dolly

Skull Laughs

Bulk: Me Me Me

Trini: No

Bulk: Pushes The Button Of Billy's Volcano And The Volcano Erupt's In Bulk's Face

Everyone Laughs

A Night Later In Trini's House

Trini: You Guys Have A Long Day

Trini: What Im Saying I Have A Long Day

Trini: Good Night Mr Ticklesneezer

Trini Goes To Sleep

But Jyuken & Squatt Appears

Jyuken: Oh Lottery Jackpot!

Jyuken: Do It Squatt

Squatt Points The Green Beam To Ticklesneezer

Ticklesneezer Appears

Jyuken (Whispers): Silence

Jyuken: Let's Get Out Of Here Come On

Jyuken, Squatt & Ticklesneezer Disappears

Meanwhile In Rita's Moon Palace

Rita: Stand Still Ticklesneezer

Ticklesneezer: Im Sorry Just Nervous You Know

Ticklesneezer: It's Strange Being Alive And All Suden To Know

Nyanma: According To The Book Of Legends Of Trini

Nyanma: You Have Certain Talents That Make Us Useful

Rita: Well What You Do

Ticklesneezer: I Have A Goody Bottle and Collects All Kinds Of Goodies I Collect Collectioning It's My Specialty

Rouran: That's Right It's Says Here In The Book

Finster: And Pooh And His Friends & The ETO Rangers & The Power Rangers Will Be Part Of His Collection

Rita: Our Friend To Work You Do And The Bottle To Charge You'll Do As I Say

Rouran: But Is Not Going To Do It Alone

Rouran Puts The Time Shifter Egg Of Bubblegum To The Monstermatic

Rouran: May I Have The Honor Finster

Finster: Of Course

Activates The Monstermatic And Bubblegum Appears

Rouran: Ladies Let Me Introduce You To Bubblegum A Time Shifter That Only Uses His Pistols To Trap Somebody With His Own Bubbles

Rita: Excelent

Meanwhile On Earth

The Comunicator & The ETO Badge Sounds

Jason: Oh No Trouble

Bakumaru: Monsters And Time Shifters Are A Deadly Combination

Kimberly: Let's Go

Jason: Zordon, Aura We Got Your Message

Zack: What's Up

Zordon: Billy, Trini & Nyorori Are In Serious Danger

Alpha: Aiye Aiye

Alpha: Danger Is Right

Uri: That's Mr Ticklesneezer

Kimberly: What's He Doing

Zack: It's Capture Everything On Site

Dave Felis: And He's Not Alone Look

(They Noticed Bubblegum On The Viewing Globe)

Bakumaru: I Know That Time Shifter Is Bubblegum

Cream: Bubblegum?

Bakumaru: It's A Time Shifter That Uses His Pistols To Trap Everything And Turn It In Soap Bubbles

Bakumaru: But When He Turns Into Bubblegum-Con That Guy Is A Complete Destruction

Zordon: Rita And Nyanma Has Ticklesneezer Under A Spell

Aura: And It's Controlling Them And Now Billy, Trini & Nyorori Have Fallen Into Their Trap

Trini: Jason, Kimberly, Guys Help Us

Nyorori: Get Us Out Of Here Nyorori

Pochiro: Thats Billy,Trini And Nyorori

Kimberly: You Guys Gotta Help Them

Zordon: Rita And Nyanma Also Sends A Little Army Of Putties To Protect Ticklesneezer & Bubblegum

Monk: We Take Care Of Those Clay Brains

Aura: And Also Has Sends Goldar, Gen'En Squatt, Baboo & Jyuken

Cream: Oh No You Guys Better Hurry

Bakumaru: READY!


Zack: Mastodon

Kimberly: Pterodactyl

Jason: Tyrannosaurus

Our Heroes Are Going To Take Charge Of The Putties & Goldar & His Goons

The Battle Scene

Rita: Don't Execuses Understand

Nyanma: And Now We Make You Grow

Bubblegum: Bubblegum Shapeshift To BUBBLEGUM-CON!

Rita & Nyanma Uses His Magic Wand To Make Ticklesneezer And Bubblegum-Con Grows

Cream: Rita & Nyanma Make Them Even Bigger

Jason: Don't Problem We Need Dinozord Power!


Uses His Badge Beams To Call Kirinda And The Zord

Jason: Let's Do It

Jason: All Right Rangers Power-Up

All 2-1 Power Up

Jason: Let's Bring Them Together

They Begin To Form The Megazord

Voice: Megazord Activated

Zack: All Right Guys The Only Thing To Do It's Get Of Rid Of That Bottle Over Ticklesneezer

Bakumaru: All Right Let's Get Ticklesneezer & Bubblegum Down To Size For Good

Trini: Look There's The Bottle It's Time To Rita & Nyanma Have A Taste Of His Own Medicine

The Megazord Holds The Bottle

Bakumaru: Okay Rita Relase Ticklesneezer & Bubblegum Or Will Bottled Up With Nyanma Forever

Uses The Bottle To Trap Rita & Nyanma

Nyanma: We'll Meet Again Bet On It

They Disappears

Aura: We're Gotta Make Sure That All Things That He Stole Make Return To The Correct Time And Place

Get-A-Long Why Make You So Sure He Returns Zordon

Zordon: Because He Has Goodness On His Heart And Make No Harm To Anyone

Bakumaru Uses His Revealing Mirror


The Revealing Mirror Shoot His Laser On Bubblegum's Forehead And Nyanma's Head Stamp Is Erased

Bakumaru: And Finally Quick Strike

Bakumaru: Uses His Badge To Fosilize Bubblegum

And Holds The Egg

Trini: You Have Return Everything You Took Right Now

Jason: Before You Hurt Someone

Ticklesneezer: Gee I Don't Want To Hurt Anybody

Ticklesneezer uses his bottle to free all the things

Trini Discovers That's Only A Dream

Trini: Back Give It Back

Trini: Give It Back Ticklesneezer

Trini: Give It All Back

Trini wakes up

Trini: That's Only A Dream

Trini Lights The Lamp

But She Discovers That Ticklesneezer Is Gone

Trini: WHAT!

Trini: Oh No

Trini: No It Can't Be

But Ticklesneezer Is On The Floor And The Time Shifter Egg Of Bubblegum Appears With A Note Of Thanks To Bakumaru & Monk

Trini: For Trini From Bakumaru, Monk And Pooh And The Others

Drago: Bakumaru Now

Bakumaru: Okay

Bakumaru: Defosilizing Beam

Bakumaru Uses His Badge Beam To Defosilize Bubblegum's Egg And He Appears

Bubblegum: Hello Trini

Bubblegum: My Name Is Bubblegum

Trini: You Two Still Here Thanks Goodness

Trini Hugs Ticklesneezer & Bubblegum

Trini: I Definetly I Have Too Much Rita & Nyanma On My Mind

Bubblegum: Don't Worry With Me On Your Side You Will Be Safe

Trini: Thanks Bubblegum

And So Trini Finally Sleeps Again With His New Friend

But In The Window

Bakumaru & Monk Rides With Drago And His Cloud

Drago: Well Done You Two

Monk: Hey We're Not Gonna Make Bad For The Poor Trini

Bakumaru: Yeah After All Bubblegum Is Going To Make A Beautiful Friendship

Drago: You're Right Bakumaru, You're Right

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