The Forbidden Arts Orb

The Forbidden Arts Orb

The Forbidden Arts
is a powerful and deadly magic art with unlimited access to numorous magical abilities that plays a central role in the the Swan Princess animated film series.

The three acts ("powers") of the Forbidden Arts were very crucial in exploring and controlling this magic art:

  • The power to create (creation) - The power to create anything out of nothing. This is displayed as purple energy.
  • The power to change (transformation) - The power to shapeshift one's self and to transform anything into something else. This power can altar or change something into a form that does not exist i.e. Rothbart's animal form. this is displayed as yellow energy. Rothbart also used the power to turn Odette in to a Swan after he took her to his Castle lair at Swan Lake. This is displayed as yellow energy.
  • The power to destroy (destruction) - The power to destroy something witth a blast of energy. This is displayed as red energy.



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