This is where Forbidden friendship takes place in Thomas and Twilight Sparkle show How to Train Your Dragon.

[we return to the cove where the Night Fury is and then we see a shield appear in between 2 rocks. Hiccup then throws out a fish and tries to go into the cove but his shield gets stuck.]

Edward: I think you'll have to go sheildless, Hiccup.

[Hiccup then picks up the fish and walks slowly forward keeping an eye out for the Night Fury]

Twilight: Oh, Mr. Dragon?

[As they look around, the Night Fury is watching them from the top of a rock and then they see him]

Hiccup: [gasp]

Fluttershy: [gasp]

[the Night Fury then creeps out from behind the rock.]

Shining Armor: No one, move a single muscle.

Hiccup: [holds out the fish]

[the Night Fury slowly approaches then retreats upon seeing Hiccup's knife.]

Hiccup: [looks at his knife as the Night Fury snarls, he then takes out his knife and drops it on the ground, then kicks it into the pool of water.]

[The Night Fury then snarls at the engines, equines, cows and the rest of the team.]

Willy: It's okay, we aren't gonna hurt you.

Emily: We mean you no harm.

Steamy: Aye, we're yer' friends.

Willy: Look we'll just put our guns down, [puts down his rifle] Nice and easy. [he then takes out his dagger and puts it down too.]

[the engines then put their weapons down on the ground, but the Night Fury is still cautious]

Mrs. Calloway: Why is he still in defense mode?

Bill: Maybe it's because some certain equines didn't disarm their selves.

Rarity: Are you out of your mind?!

James: No, he's right.

Edward: Yeah, the Night Fury is still in defensive mode because he's not sure if you guys are gonna try to harm him or not.

Percy: Then please disarm yourselves.

Twilight: Disarm ourselves?! But the Night Fury could...

Henry: Will you just do it?!

[the equines then (very skittishly) disarm themselves of their firearms]

Mucker: Cadance, Armor, your swords too.

[Cadance and Shining Armor then remove their swords and then place them ground]

[the Night Fury then relaxes as he comes up to take the fish from Hiccup but we see he has no teeth]

Maggie: Hey, he has no teeth.

Hiccup: Yeah, he's toothless. I could've sworn you had...

[the Night Fury's teeth then appear and then he takes the fish and eats it]

Hiccup: Teeth.

Scootaloo: A dragon with retractable teeth? That's odd.

[then the Night Fury slowly approaches them]

Hiccup: Uh, uh, no, no, no. I-I don't have any more.

Fluttershy: [gulps] (softly) Please don't eat us.

[then the Night Fury regurgitates half of the fish]

Cows: Eww.

[The Night Fury then sits on his hunches and looks at them]

Apple Bloom: What's with him?

[The Night Fury then indicates the fish, meaning he wants Hiccup to eat some of it]

Mako: I don't speak dragon, but I think he wants you it eat it, Hiccup.

Hiccup: [looks to the fish] (sighs) [He then reluctantly takes a bite of the raw, dragon saliva covered fish]

Rarity: Oh, gross!

Hiccup: Mmmm. [he then smiles at the dragon] Mmhmm!

[the Night Fury then indicates Hiccup to sallow it]

Hiccup: Mm! [he then tries to swallow but almost spits it out, but covers his mouth and swallows it] Ugh..

Rarity: [covers her mouth to avoid vomiting from witnessing the disgusting act]

Mrs. Calloway: I can't believe he just ate a raw fish. Covered in dragon saliva too!

Hiccup: [smiles nervously at the Night Fury]

[then the Night Fury then tries to return Hiccup's smile.]

Pinkie: A dragon smiling? Now there's something you don't see.

Grace: He seems to have warmed up to us now.

Hiccup: [reaches out his hand]

[The NIght Fury then snarls and flies away when Hiccup reaches towards him.]

Grace: Or maybe not.

[the Night Fury then lands at the other end of the cove and then scorches the ground to lay on, he then watches a bird fly off as he then notice Hiccup and our heroes sitting close by. But he then covers his face with his tail. Hiccup slowly comes closer and tries to touch him again but the Night Fury walks away. Then later, the dragon is hanging from a branch by his tail and then he notices Hiccup drawing him in the sand The Night Fury then uses a branch to 'draw' Hiccup in the dirt.]

Mucker: This is one intelligent dragon.

Rainbow: He still looks like a average dragon to me.

Sir Handel: What?! He just tore off a branch and drew Hiccup in the sand with it!

[Hiccup then goes to check out the picture better, but the Night Fury growls when he steps on the lines.]

[Hiccup steps over the lines to finally reach the Night Fury.]

[Hiccup offers his hand to the Night Fury while looking away, The dragon finally trusts Hiccup enough to touch his nose to Hiccup's hand. But then it snorts and runs away.]

Grace: Now, he's warmed up to us.

Rarity: I still don't trust him. I still know he'll try to eat us later.