This is how Forest Battle goes in My Little Pony Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

[We see Indominus Rex and Optimus trying to get away from Megatron]

Twilight Sparkle: Here he comes.

[Megatron transforms and attacks]

Optimus Prime: Hide, Twilight!

[Indominus Rex ushers Twilight to safety and bites Megatron's leg and throws him against a tree]

[She then hits him to Optimus with her tail]

Optimus Prime: Useless! [hits him with tree] Puny! [hits him again] Waste of metal. [hits him again] Junkyard! [hits him in the back]

Indominus Rex: [bites Megatron and throws him]

Megatron: Decepticons!

[Grindor and Starscream come to their master's aid]

Starscream: Come here, alicorn.

[He chases her but is stopped by Optimus while Indominus combats Grindor]

Megatron: Come here, beast.

[Indominus charges and rams her head into him]

[Grindor, Starscream, and Megatron then gang up on Indominus]

[Optimus goes to help]

[Meanwhile, the Autobots are driving to the battle]

[They beat down on the duo, destroying Optimus' mask and knocking out one of Indominus' teeth]

Twilight Sparkle: Optimus! Indominus!

[They shoot them]

Megatron: There is another source of Energon hidden on this planet. The alicorn could lead us to it.

[Twilight looks at them]

[Indominus gets up, angrier than before]

Megatron: Is the future of our race not worth a single Equine life?

Twilight Sparkle: Come on Optimus, get up!

Optimus Prime: You'll never stop at one. [he fights them alongside Indominus] We'll take you all on!

[Optimus cuts off Grindor's tail rotors and his blades]

[Indominus knocks Megatron aside and then rips off Starscream's arm]

[Optimus then rips Grindor's face in half]

Optimus Prime: Piece of tin.

[As Grindor falls to the ground, Optimus calls out to Twilight]

Optimus Prime: Twilight, where are you? Twilight!

[Just as Megatron is about to kill him, Indominus pushes him out of the way]

Optimus Prime: No!

[Megatron stabs her through her chest]

Megatron: You're so weak.

[He fires a blast and she falls to the ground]

[The Fallen senses this]

The Fallen: The last ancient hybrid is dead.

[She growls lowly at Twilight and Optimus, as if telling them to run before she dies]

[Ironhide, Rainbow Dash, Malfunction, Sunset, Ratchet, Fluttershy, Sideswipe, Applejack, Jazz, Pinkie Pie, Bumblebee, Rarity, Skids and Mudflap arrive]

Ironhide: Autobots, attack!

Rainbow Dash: Make them pay!

[Twilight gets into Optimus]

Ratchet: Bumblebee! Rarity! Malfunction! Sunset! Get them out of here!

Fluttershy: Take care of them!

[Malfunction and Sunset lead Optimus, Twilight, Bumblebee, Rarity, Skids, and Mudflap away as Ironhide, Rainbow Dash, Ratchet, Fluttershy, Sideswipe, Applejack, Jazz, and Pinkie Pie fire at Megatron and Starscream who escape]

[We see Captain Thunderbolt trying to contact Indominus, but receives no answer and hangs his head in sadness]