Here is how Willow Apple's journey through the forest begins in Someone or Sompony to Watch Over Willow Apple.

Later, Cheerilee had a talk with Yuna.

Cheerilee: Okay, Did Willow Apple at least bring her boots? her raincoat? a first-aid kit? a map? When did she leave?

Princess Yuna: It must've been hours ago.

Cheerilee: Oh, no!

Soon, Yuna called out The Wiztastics, Sebastian, Scuttle, Tip and Dash.

Princess Yuna: You need to wear boots and raincoat. Make sure no further harm comes to Willow Apple.

Sebastian: Don't worry, Princess Yuna. You can always count on us.

Scuttle: So, What're we waiting for?

Tip: Yeah, Let's get this rescue mission started!

Dash: I've packed the cubits for the Wiztastics.

Magnifo: Wonderful, Dash.

Wizwuz: (chuckles)

Mesmo: Hooray!

Tip: Let's go!

So, They set out to catch up with Willow Apple.

Several hours later, Applejack, Apple Bloom and Big McIntosh got back from making pie deliveries.

Applejack: Howdy, Cheerilee. How'd it go with Wallace and Gromit?

Cheerilee: I was returning to check on Willow Apple to see if she's doing okay. When suddenly, She ran out on me when I was trying to look after her.

Apple Bloom: I think Cheerilee was being overprotective on Willow Apple.

Big McIntosh: Eeyup.

Applejack: Whoa there, Cheer. Slow down a bit. You're getting a little carried away and started babying Willow Apple. Now, Let's just calm down and talk for one minute.

Meanwhile, Willow Apple was carrying a cart of souvenirs through the forest.

Willow Apple: Okay, Won't be much further now. Just one more mile and I'll be at town.

Ozzy: Well, well, well. What do we have here?

Strut: A little filly lost and alone in the forest!

Willow Apple: Uh-Oh!

And Willow Apple ran for her life with the cart and hid it under the bushes.

Willow Apple: I've gotta distract them somehow. (gets an idea) Hey You Two! Can't Catch Me! (raspberry)

Ozzy: Why you!?

Strut: Let's get her!

Willow Apple ran as fast as her hooves would let her. Then, Rescue has come from her own friends.

Tip: Hello, Ozzy and Strut.

Dash: Don't even think about hurting her!

Sebastian: Here it goes. (pinches Ozzy and Strut by their tails)

Ozzy and Strut: Ow!

Strut: Let's get out of here, Ozzy! We're done for!

Ozzy: I'm Going first, Strut! I'm always first!

Ozzy and Strut being chased away by the Wiztastics Max.

Wiztastics Max: And don't come back!

Willow Apple: Thank goodness y'all came to the rescue!

Sebastian: Are you okay, Willow Apple?

Willow Apple: Thanks to you guys.

Tip: Didn't your mother told you you need someone looking after you!

Dash: We're just glad this wasn't a whole lot worse.

Scuttle: I mean, sure we lost the cart and all the souvenirs, but at least you're...

Willow Apple: (clears her throat as she brought out the souvenir cart)

Scuttle: Safe.

Sebastian: The cart! And all the souvenirs! You actually got them all the way up here? In the dark? Through the Forest? Past Ozzy and Strut? ...By yourself?

Willow Apple: Well... yeah.

Tip: Huh, wow. That's impressive! Anybody and anypony who can do that on her own, well, she don't need ;someone or somepony like your mom babying her.

Dash: I'll say. Come on, We've got souvenirs to deliver.

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