They found a study room and they saw a Name on the wall

Ace: Mephiles...

Wile: Man, I guess it must be his study room?

Daffy: Where's Bugs?

Ace: Hello! 

????: Hey, bunny!

They saw a black frog name Tamama

Tamama: I'm looking for somebody. Have you seen a guy who look so tall?

Ace though it was him

Tamama: I meant Cloud.

They nodded means no

Tamama: I'll take a look around.

he look around at the Study Room, and he punch the wall

Tamama: Sorry, boys.

All: No Problem!

he left

Garuru: So you all made it

They saw Garuru 

Ace: Garuru! Isn't my Grandpa with you?

Garuru: Shush. You'll see him soon.

Daffy: What!

Garuru: Here, this outta do the trick for you.

He scans his Hand and it created a Secret room

Garuru: Mephiles's Computer room.

They found the computer

Ace: Alright! This is it!

Wile: We found the Computer!

Ace: Where's Lexi? My Team? And where's Duck?

He's typing it and pounding it

Garuru: Careful. You gotta break it.

Ace: Sorry. Got a little overboard.

They saw Droid on the Ceiling and he jump to the Keyboard

Daffy: Get off that thing!

He jump and the Droid left, and then they heard an alarm

Computer: Attention current user. This is a warning. Further misuse of this terminal will result in immediate defensive action. I oversee the system.

Ace: Who was that?

Daffy is gotta jump off the Keyboard, but he accidentally step the button

All: Daffy!

Daffy: My Bad!

Computer: Decision gate reached. You are now under arrest.

Ace: What? Arrest?

Garuru saw a Light

Garuru: Get out of there!

It's too late, Ace and his friends got beam to the light

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