Enma, Shoutmon, Gumdramon and Damemon has made it to the Audience room

Enma: It would be a Moment. As soon as the Castle has been taken over from them. I have to make sure that I seal this room.

He open the Door from his Magic

Enma: Shall we?

They went inside and saw alot of Heartless 

Enma: Whoa! Not here too!

Damemon: We got this!

They are going to the Throne Chair and they made and more Heartless has appeared

Damemon: I think I'm getting tired for this?

Enma is pressing a Button underneath the Throne Chair and then the Panel under the Throne Chair is moving and create a huge of light, then the Heartless is gone

Shoutmon: Whoa! What happen here?

Enma The room below is called the Hall of the Cornerstone. My castle has always been safe from world's that are evil... thanks to the Cornerstone of light which we keep down there.

Damemon: The Cornerstone of Light?

He went down there with and they saw all the Thorns and then, Whisper and his friends are here

Enma: This one is the Cornerstone. And look the Thorns. They must be the work of someone who is evil then the Keima. I wonder who it was.

Then Myotismon appeared as an Illusion 

All: (Gasp)

Jibanyan: Myotismon!

Shoutmon: You gotta be kidding me.

Myotismon: Well, what do we have here? If it isn't the Digimon Warrior and their Companions.

USApyon: Well! You're gonna deal with me, Dani!

He attack him, but he was just an Illusion 

Myotismon: All in good time. I promise you'll be able to partake of my vengeance. But you must be patient.

Enma: So do you want, Myotismon?

Myotismon: Why, hello, King Enma. Radiant as always. I'm here on a property venture. I want this world on my own. However, it's a bit too. "bright" for what I have I mind. I suppose I'll just have to fill every room with personal touch of darkenss.

He touch the Cornerstone Stone and he has been force back

Enma: You better stop or else you know what's good for you!

Myotismon: Ooh, how frightening. Very well, I'll stop... just as soon as this Castle belongs to me!

He disappeared and he laugh

Shoutmon: What a loser.

Enma: Nothing like this could ever happened before. I looks through all the record in the library but I couldn't find a single clue.

Whisper: Ooh! We should go ask someone who know alot of stuff that ain't in the book!

Gumdramon: That's right! Shahra!

Enma: Of course! That's a great idea! Shahra just know something about this mess. Let's ask her for help.

Komasan: We saw her in Hollow Bastion, right?

Damemon: Yep. Let's go!

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