Whisper saw a Puzzle Piece

Whisper: This is the Blue Monkey? This dime-store bauble? I've been rooked. Shafted by the gods. 

Ryder: Nice going, Whisper. 

Whisper: I demand recompense. I want my diamond. Where is my humongous rock?

Then he squish by a giant rock 

Chase: Pressed Ghost.

Inaho: This looks like a puzzle piece.

Ryder: What? 

Inaho: Wait a minute. 

She put the puzzle and spin it and they avoid the darts

Whisper: Are we rich yet?

Ryder Any time now. 

Then it show the Blue Monkey

Whisper: I'm rich. I'm affluent. My liquidity is assured. 

Keita: Whisper, get back here. Don't touch that!

Whisper: Let go! 

Whisper: Don't you dare! The rock is mine. So close. 

Ryder: You mind? 

Whisper: Yes, I mind. I'm the hero. I should get the treasure. The girl, too, but we'll discuss that later. Careful with my diamond. Easy, now.

Ryder look at the Diamond

Ryder: Dad, this is for you. 

Then he turned into a Monkeu

Whisper: Why, Ryder, why you? Why wasn't it me? Just academic curiosity, you understand. Gotta go. Bank closes at 5:00.

USApyon: Come on, Whisper, change him back. 

Whisper: All right. Buddy pictures. 

He change him back

Whisper: Ryder, My friend, you're okay. 

Ryder: Yeah. Give me that. 

Whisper: I liked you better as a monkey.

Ryder: Thanks. 

Granny: That is so sweet. Now if you could just hand over the diamond. 

It was Chairman and Bob

Chairman: Immediately!

Tweety My turn.

He turned into Taz

Taz: Pardon.

Chairman All right, now, I've come for the diamond.

Ryder: I knew it was you.

Chairman: You knew it was me, did you? You're wrong. Because I'm not me. I'm actually... I can't. I can't reach over the hat. I'd rehearse back at ACME, but I never wore the hat. And now the hat is throwing me off. Would you... Thank you very much. Now, I'm actually...

He turned into his father

Ryder's Father: Your father. 

Ryder: Dad. 

Whisper: Saw that one coming. 

Ryder's Father Look into your heart, D.J. You know it's true. 

Ryder: No, it can't be true.

Ryder's Father: You're right, it isn't.

He turned into a Football man

Football Man: Let's do some drills.

Whisper: This doesn't make a lick of sense.

He turned back into Chairman

Chairman: Well, who's laughing now? Apparently, no one. Anyway, give me the Monkey!

Ryder: No, forget that, man. You're evil. 

Chairman: Thank you, but... Anyway, Mr. Smith, let's show this muscle-bound beefcake... who I have sometimes been mistaken for... what it's like to live in the real world. Have you ever been disintegrated in one place and then reassembled in another? Fire away. 

He send them away

Whisper: No, you don't!

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