Fracture is a Decepticon bounty hunter from Transformers: Robots In Disguise 2015.


Fracture, along with Airazor (Decepticon) and Divebomb, two of his Mini-Cons, stormed a military base to find out about OpThomas Prime. When Fracture finally got the information he wanted, he persued the Trainbot. But, Ryan managed to erase OpThomas' info from his mind and he tried to remember but doesn't manage to. Later, Fracture tries to get Ryan to tell him about OpThomas Prime, but Ryan refuses and tells Fracture that he don't want to betray his friend. Fracture gets mad and threatens him that if he don't tell him, then he'd make him. Ryan refuses and tells him that he's dead. Fracture gets so mad and tells Ryan that he will be seeing him in the next game in the Lunar League. Fracture was placed on the Galaxy

Partnership with Ryvine Sparkle


  • Fracture, along with Airazor and Divebomb, makes his first appearance in Fracture Strikes Back.
  • Fracture will get his revenge on Ryan for refusing to tell him about Thomas in
  • Fracture

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