This is how Fracture interrogates Ryan goes in Fracture Strikes Back.

Ryan F-Freeman:[groaning] Where am I? Did I became a Prime?

[Ryan looks around]

Ryan F-Freeman: Is that you, Princess Odette??

Fracture: No. [in Bad Cop's voice] Wake up!

Ryan F-Freeman: I'm awake. I'm awake. Mr. Bossy.

Fracture: Tell me who OpThomas is.

Ryan F-Freeman: Who? I don't want you to kill me.

Fracture: Hold on! That's not what I meant! I meant that I wanna know who OpThomas Prime is. I have heard that he was presumed dead years after Cybertron's destruction.

Ryan F-Freeman: To be honest. I don't know anything.

Fracture: C'mon, Ryan. Please tell me everything you know about OpThomas like in your vision.

Ryan F-Freeman: [sings] Con. Do I look like I care?~[stops singing] No.

Fracture: What? Why won't you tell me?

Ryan F-Freeman: I don't want to betray my friend. Why you capture me?

Fracture: Because, I wanted you to tell me about OpThomas.

Ryan F-Freeman: I don't want to tell. In that case why don't you ask me later?

[Fracture gets angry]

Ryan F-Freeman: What? Why are you angry?

Fracture: If you don't tell me, then I'll make you.

Ryan F-Freeman: Look. I know you're angry. But I'll tell that he's dead. Gone forever. Just like you'll be like Rothbart.

Fracture: Rothbart? [in Mr. Potato Head's voice] You are a liar!

Ryan F-Freeman: No I'm not. I'm telling that I don't want to tell you anything about who you're talking about.

Fracture: Grrrrr!

[Fracture finds a chair and did what Bad Cop does]

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok. Look. I watch some cop shows with Emmet but isn't there suppose to be a good cop?

[Fracture turns to Ryan after what Ryan said]

Fracture: Yes. But we're not done yet.

Ryan F-Freeman: Good line. But, I'm not telling you who OpThomas is. Never! And I will never tell you how Luffy and his crew meet Sora and his friends!

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