This is how freeing Sharon and finding the final ingredient goes in The Return of the Sun Prince.

[then just as our heroes are about to set off again, there was another boom!]

Human Applejack: Me and mah' big mouth.

Yuna: Okay, Ernie! If that's you, then come out and fight! [grabs her Lightsabers]

[but out from the shadows emerges Sharon with her Lightsaber in grip]

Yuna: Sharon!?

Sharon: That's right.

Yuna: Sharon, what are you doing!? Have you lost your mind?!

Hiccup: Uh, Yuna. You might wanna take a real good look at Sharon. Haven't you noticed?

Yuna: Noticed what?

Astrid: [points to Sharon's face] That.

Fishlegs: Sharon's eyes are glowing red. She's been corrupted!

Yuna: No, not Aunt Celestia's daughter!

Fishlegs: So, what'll we do?

Yuna: Duel her.

Snotlout: What?! Are you crazy, that's your cousin!

Yuna: If, I'm lucky, I might by able to snap Sharon outta her corruption.

Snowdrop: I'll help too.

Yuna: Alright, let's do it.

[The 3 deploy their sabers and duel]

Sharon: I give you points for your skills in lightsaber combat, but it won't be enough to stop me!

Yuna: Sharon! Think about what you're doing!

Sharon: Never! I am invincible!

Snowdrop: No you're not! No one is!

Yuna: Sharon, you gotta remember who you really are!


Yuna: Sharon, I hate to do this, but you leave me no choice. [she then zaps Sharon with powerful Lightning of her own]

Sharon: GAAAAHAH!!!!!

Snowdrop: Stop this!

Sharon: [force chokes her] Why?

Snowdrop: Sharon, you're not with the Sith! You're the daughter of Princess Celestia and Barret Barricade! Soon to be Princess of the Stars!

[then Sharon gets a flashback]


[we see Sharon as a 5-year old filly trying to fly]

Sharon: [lands on the ground] Ow!

[she tries again but no matter how fast she flaps her wings, she can't even get off the ground higher than 5ft]

Sharon: Oh! It's no use! I'll never be able to fly!

Barret Barricade: Sharon, what's going on out here?

Sharon: I'm trying to fly, but I just can't do it, Daddy! I'll never be able to fly like you or Mommy!

Princess Celestia: Perhaps we can help you.

Sharon: Really?

Barret Barricade: Sure, come on.

[they then climb up a small hill]

Princess Celestia: One of the most important things when flying is plenty of airspace.

Barret Barricade: And one best way to make that happen is by taking off from a place you can get a running start from.

Sharon: I'm not sure about this.

Princess Celestia: This is where Luna and I practiced our first flight.

Sharon: Oh, alright.

[Sharon then spreads her wings and then she backs up a little and then gives a running start and then as she flaps her wings, but falls]

Sharon: Of! [groans]

Princess Celestia: Are you okay?

Sharon: No, I hurt my head again!

Barret Barricade: Try it again.

Sharon: (groans) Why should I even bother!? I can't even get off the ground!

Princess Celestia: Yelling's not gonna help you Sharon!

Sharon: What choice do I have?! I'm sorry, I just can't do it! [she runs back to the gardens and cries at the fountain]

Barret Barricade: [places his wing on her back]

Sharon: I'll never be a princess.

Princess Celestia: Sharon, being royalty and an alicorn isn't all about flying. It's about carrying for your subjects, and protecting them.

Sharon: I know. But sill. 

Barret Barricade: Are you sure you don't wanna give it another try?

Sharon: No.

Princess Celestia: We'll help you this time.

Sharon: Oh, okay. I'll give it another try.

[Back on the hill, Sharon is standing on Celestia's wings]

Princess Celestia: Alright, when I say go, I want you to flap your wings as hard as you can, okay?

Sharon: [gulps] Okay.

Princess Celestia: 1, 2, 3, go!

[Sharon the leaps form her mother's wings and then starts flapping]

Sharon: I'm flying, I'm flying!

(Sharon then does one loop-de-loop as she flies. And she lands on the ground)

Sharon: I did it! I did it!

Barret Barricade: You certainly did, sweet thing. Come here. [hugs her]

Princess Celestia: We'll done, Sharon. (Joins in the hug)

Sharon: [giggles]

[back in the present]

Sharon: [groans as she puts her hoof to her head]

Yuna: Sharon?

Sharon: [faints]

Moon Starlight: Sharon!

[Alpha then nudges Sharon gently and growls]

Sharon: [waking up] G.. guys?

[she then opens her eyes are they are her normal color]

Tuffnut: Hey, her eyes aren't red anymore.

Russell Ferguson: Correct! She's back to normal!

Sharon: (groans) What happened?

Snowdrop: You were corrupted by the Sith.

Sharon; Oh my. That explains why I have this headache. [rubs her head] Where are we now?

Hiccup: We're on Youth Fountain Island.

Sharon: Youth Fountain Island?!

Yuna: Yeah, and Snowdrop has our third item.

Nyx: We just have to find something to resemble love.

Sharon: I think I might have something that could work.

Nyx: What is it?

Sharon: You'll find out when we get to that resurrection pool. Now, which way now Nyx?

Nyx: This way.

[so then the team sets off again, and after a while they come to a big cave]

Skyla; Uh, we aren't going in there, are we?

Nyx: We have to. This is where we have to go in order to get to Resurrection pool.

Skyla; But, what if there's cave monsters inside it?

Human Fluttershy: I'm sure there it isn't.

Sunil Nevla; Okay, but what about mole people? Like in that movie?

Pepper Clark: Sunil, that was just a movie. There are no mole people.

Skyla: What about those Aliens from "Independence Day"?

Scander: Those aren't real.

Sharon: Guys, there's nothing to be afraid of. Most things that you're scared of is just your imaginations getting carried away. Everyone has fears of many things that seem scary at first, but later they find it's not scary at all.

Zoe Trent: Do you remember being afraid of something you didn't understand at first?

Sharon: Hmmm... Do I?


[Sharon is out at the gardens]

Sharon: [giggling as she skips along, and sniffs many flowers]

[Then she sees something]

Sharon: Hmm, what's that?

[She moves closer and closer and then out from a hedge pops a rabbit]

Rabbit: [twitches his nose]

Sharon: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! [she hides under a pot]

[the rabbit then hops forward]

Sharon: MOMMY!!! DADDY!!!

[Princess Celestia and Barret then appear]

Princess  Celestia: What?!

Barret Barricade: What's wrong!?

Sharon: There's a monster right there! [points to it]

[There was the rabbit hopping along]

Princess Celestia: Oh! [chuckles] It's just a rabbit, sweetie.

Sharon: What is it?

Barret Barricade: It's a rabbit. They're aren't monsters, they're just cute little animals.

Sharon: No. That one tried to attack me!

Princess Celestia: Oh, don't be silly. They're not scary.

Sharon; Are you sure?

Princess Celestia: Yes, come out.

[Sharon slowly walks forward and walks up to the rabbit]

Barret Barricade: It's okay.

Sharon: [puts her hoof on it] [then pets it]

[the rabbit then nuzzles on Sharon]

Sharon: (giggles)

Barret Barricade: See, it's not scary. It's friendly.

Sharon: It's funny.

Princess Celestia: And cute.

Sharon: [giggles as the rabbit continues nuzzling her]

[flashback ends]

Nyx: Sharon?

Sharon: Oh, sorry. I was having a flashback.

Nyx: About what?

Sharon: Nothing.

Mushu: Can we just get going already? Those freaks could be halfway here by now!

Skyla: I still don't know about this. There could be some sort of scary thing inside.

Mushu: Even more scarier than that crazy rooster?

Skyla: Okay, now that you put it that way, I'll go.

Sunil Nevla: Okay, I'll do it. But only because I don't wanna get caught by Mr. "Bewilderbeast owning, Royalty murdering, Sith Rooster".

Sharon: Alright, let's continue onward.

Lemon Zest: No offense, but I'm not going in there.

Espeon: I suggest you get in the cave.

Lemon Zest: Are you threatening me?

[Then zap!]

The 2 girls: AAH!

[Then it shows Regice!]

Regice: [beeping] Regice!

Espeon: It's Regice!

[Regice uses hyper beam on the rocks above them]

Yuna: Quick! Get inside!

[they race forward as the rocks begin to fall blocking the passage way]

Eevee: Great. We're blocked in.

Lemon Zest: Okay, I vote the cave.

Umbreon: Well, thank you!

Connie: Yeah, it's not like we have any choice now anyway.

[Then there was a roar echoing the cave]

Ralphie: What was that?

Nyx: I-I don't know.

Mushu: Let's keep gong forward.

[as they begin to continue forward, one small rock covers the last opening on the top of the rock pile.]

[as the team continue moving on they are walking in an ice cave]

[then Connie trips on something]

Connie: Whoa! Oof!

Yuna: Connie, are you alright?

Connie: Yeah, I'm okay. I just tripped on some metal stick.

Nyx: Metal stick? {looks at it] Who ever heard of a metal... Hey, wait a minute, this isn't a metal stick, it's a rail.

Zoe Trent: A rail?

[then the team notice that they've come up to some old tracks]

Human Twilight: Huh? Train tracks?

Human Applejack: How odd.

Skyla; Yeah, why would there be train tracks on a island with several types of pools of special water?

Nyx: [looking in the book] Here's why. There once to be other equines here who mine for special minerals in the caves of the island. [puts the book back in her bags] These must be the old tracks of the mines of those miners.

Sharon: Well, we don't have time for sight seeing let's continue.

[they continue down the passage way]

Astrid: Stay together guys, it's easy to get lost in those places.

[but then Mushu bumps into a a thick icicle and falls to the ground]

Mushu: [tries to get up but his tongue is stuck to the ground] Uh! Uh! [gets free] Uh, guys?

[he then races down another way, as he then walks by an ice wall]

Mushu: Ah!

[we see a frozen piranha]

Mushu: [chuckles] Just a fish. [he then backs up and then looks behind him] AAAAAHHHH!!!

[we now see a frozen Carnotaur]

Mushu: [shivers]

[Mushu continues down and then comes up to a life cycle of a dragon like him, he then catches up to the team but stops as he then notices another ice wall, which has a frozen UFO behind it.]

Tuffnut: (notices it) Cool.

Nyx: (to Mushu) Will you keep up with us? It's hard enough to keep our other dragons together.

[butt hen Nyx trips on an over grown root]

Nyx: Ga-whoa! [she then lands her face and the impact sends her bags flying off her back and sliding down an ice slide]

Mushu: Nyxie, you okay?

Nyx: Yeah.

Skyla: Nyx, your bags are sliding off!

Nyx: Oh no! I put the first 2 items in them!

Mushu: Ah! I got them! I got them! [he runs after them and jumps forward to grab them but is too late as they fall down into a hole] I don't got them.

Everyone: AAAH!!!

[they all look down the hole and see Nyx's bags sliding down a bumpy ice slide]

Snowdrop: After those bags!

[They slide down]

[they all slide down the slide as Nyx's bags continues sliding on and on. Then they are sent down different pathways (as Mushu lands on the same one as Nyx's bags) Then they are all catapulted and then pop into separate passage ways]

Mushu: [trying to catch up to Nyx's bags] Whoo! Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! I gotcha! [he grabs them but then falls down a hole in the ground] [yells as he screams]

[Mushu then slides off a Jump and then tries to run on the ceiling only to land on his head and continues sliding]

Nyx: AAAAAHHH!!!!!

[then Mushu slides off his path and then lands on Eclipse's muzzle]

Nyx: Where'd you come from?

[then Nyx's bags flies off a jump and then lands in a minecar which starts rolling away]

[then shortly afterwards, the team fly out openings in the wall and then all land in minecars]

Skyla: Oh my, I'm glad that's over.

Sharon: I don't think it's done yet.

[then the minecars they're inside of start rolling]

Fishlegs; Oh no, not again!

Everyone: AAAAAAHHH!!!!

[then as they roll down the old tracks they bump into some other minecars which sends them rolling down a tunnel, and then they come into a big room with lots of different tracks]

Hiccup: Look! Nyx's bags! [points to an upper track where we see the minecar with Nyx's bags]

[but then they start bumping around on rocks which cause them to separate and then ride down different tracks]

Sharon: Oh boy, this is gonna be some ride!

[they all speed down the different tracks, and race around corners and up and down hills]

[then Pets' cars start heading down one track along side the one with Nyx' bags but then they notice 2 stray minecars rolling next to them and they're heading for a intersecting point!]

Russell Ferguson: Whoa! (to their dragons) Full speed ahead guys!

[they dragons push the cars faster and Sunil frantically looks to and fro as the cars come closer and closer to the intersection]

Sunil Nevla; I can't look!

[the race across the switch at the last second as the stray cars crash and fly off the track]

Pepper Clark: That was close!

[then the whole team starts racing down a straight track and there's a huge pointy rock dead ahead!]

Mushu: Captain, stoneberg ahead!

Sharon: WHOA!!!!

[they then ride up it slightly and stop]

Everyone: [sighs of releaf]

[but then the rock starts to break loose as Nyx's bags race under]

Leafeon: Oh no.

[they all fall]

Everyone: AAAAAAAHH!!!!!

Human Pinkie: I can flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

Human Rainbow Dash: No you can't.

[they then ride the rock down the path like a sled but are approaching sharps rocks ahead!]

Everyone: AAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!

[the sharp rocks then grind up their sled and then they all start speeding down several pathway that are running along side Nyx's bags]

Ralphie: I think I'm gonna be sick!

[The Crystals Prep Girls then slowly to catch up to the bags]

[But then Human Mane 6 increase speed]

Indigo Zap: Almost there.

[but the Human Mane 6 increase speed again so they and the Crystal Prep girls are now neck and neck]

Wanda: I got them!

[but Nyx's bags move away at the last second]

Wanda: Missed!

[but then suddenly, Nyx's bags fly up ramp and are sent flying!]

Sharon: [gasps] Alpha, give me boost!

[Alpha then stands on his back legs and and turns around, as Sharon then stands up on the top of his head]

Tuffnut: This is scary and fun at the same time!

Zoe Trent: [looks forward] AAAAHH!!!

[they're heading start for an ice wall!]

Fishlegs: AAAH!! Slow down! Slow down!

Sunlight: AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! [pulls the brake lever on her minecar, but the wheels only lock and slide]

[then they all crash into the wall leaving imprints in the wall]

[Sharon then reaches out and catches Nyx's bags]

Sharon; I got them!

[everyone else is looking out the imprints on the wall]

Everyone: AAAAAHH!!!

[then Alpha crashes into the wall, leaving his and Sharon's imprint as snow flies everyone and then when the snow clears we see the team all piles up covered in snow]

Carlos: Wow, what a ride!

Human Rainbow: [pops out] Whoa! Whoo! Yeah! Who's up for round 2?

[Everyone glares at her]

Human Rainbow: Oh, right. [clears her throat]

Sunlight: [pops out] I'm fine, but I broke the fall with my face.

Zoe Trent: [pops out without her beret] Oh man, I don't ever wanna do that again!

Ralphie: [pops out without his cap] I'm with you, Zoe.

Fishlegs: [pops out with his helmet] Likewise here.

Zoe Trent: [put a paw to her head only to find her hat is gone] Ah! My beret! IT'S GONE!!!

Fishlegs: So is my helmet and Ralphie's cap!

Ralphie: My cap? [feels his head] My cap! Where'd it go?!

[the Mushu pops up with Zoe's beret on his head]

Mushu: Hey! Where'd everybody go?! Everything's gone black!

Zoe Trent: My beret! [takes it and puts it back on] You find it!

Mushu: Uh, thanks?

Zoe Trent: Thank you so much! [kisses Mushu's cheek, in which he faints]

[then Vinnie pop up with Fishlegs' helmet]

Vinnie Terrio: AAAH!! I'm blind!

[the Henry pops up with Ralphie's cap]

Henry: Ahh! So am I!

Ralphie: No you're not, you're just wearing my cap and Fishelgs' helmet. [takes his cap and Fishlegs' hemet]

Vinnie Terrio: I can see!

Henry: Me too!

Tim: Where are we?

HIccup: Somewhere deep in the mine. Check the book, Nyx.

Nyx: I can't it's in my bags, and I don't have them!

Sharon: It's okay, I got them! [gets the book and opens it] Okay, I think we're...... [she then looks forward and drop the book and gasps softly]

Brian: Sharon, where are we?

Sharon: [doesn't respond]

Brian: Sharon? [snaps his fingers in front of her face] Hello? [He clashes cymbals, blows a trumpet and beats on drums, but Sharon continues starring] Hmm, what else is loud and obnoxious? [He holds a loud ringing cell phone up to her ear but no avail]

Peter: Sharon, what's up with you?!

Sharon: [slowly gets up and walks forward]

Yuna: Sharon, where are you going?

[they start follow her and then Sharon stops then when the rest of the team walk [up they then are surprised themselves]

[as we now see the ressurection pool]

Nyx: This is it, we made it!

Jolteon: Yeah, and all we need to do now is to cross that bridge.

Sugarcoat: Uh, Eevee. I have a confession to make, remember when you said Pokémon have layers?

Eevee: Yeah. Go on.

Indigo Zap: We were thinking. Humans don't have layers, I mean we go with our boyfriends.

Vaporeon: Wait a second! You don't have boyfriends.

Indigo Zap: You know what I mean!

Flareon: But you can't be afraid of heights!

Sunny Flare: No, we're just uncomfortable of crossing an old rickety bridge, over a boiling river of lava!

[Lava explodes form the bottom]

Sharon: Oh, come on, girls! We're right here beside you. Okay? We'll just tackle over this bridge, one baby step at a time.

Sugarcoat: Really?

Sharon: Oh, yeah.

Lemon Zest: Okay. Now we feel so much better.

[They begin to cross the bridge]

Yuna: Just keep going.

Hiccup: And don't look down!

Lemon Zest: Oh, right! Keep on moving, and don't look down. Keep on moving, and don't look down. [but she then steps on some wood and falls and they look down!]

Sour Sweet: Uh, guys! We're looking down!

Sunny Flare: AAAAAAHHHH!!! We can't do this, guys! We gotta get off of this thing!

Human Rainbow: But we're already halfway there!

Sugarcoat: We don't care! We're going back to safety!

Brian: Girls! We don't have time for this! Now move it! [shakes the bridge]

Indigo Zap: AAAAAAHHHH!!! Don't do that!

Brian: [gasps] Oh, I'm sorry. For what? This? [shakes the bridge]

Lemon Zest: YES!! THAT!!

Brian: Yes?

Sylveon: Wait, Brian. Yes, means "yes".

Brian: Oh, yeah! Okay.

Sour Sweet: NOOOOO!!!!!

[Brian begins shaking the bridge]

Sour Sweet: STOP, BRIAN, STOP!!!!!

Brian: I start doing it! And I'm doing it!

Sunny Flare: I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die, Brian, I'm gonna die!

[But they are already across the bridge]

Sugarcoat: Oh.

Eevee: That'll do guys. That'll do.

Lemon Zest: Cool.

Snowdrop: All we need is the final ingredient.

Sharon: I have the perfect thing. [takes out Barret's wedding ring]

Sour Sweet: It's a ring.

Sharon: This is my father's wedding ring. Will this work for the fourth item, Nyx?

Nyx: Yes, it will do just perfect!

Sharon: We're coming, Father.

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