Here's how Pepper frees Mitzi and the 2 free Celestia, Luna, and Cadance and escape the villains' train in Wrath of the Century.

[Later our heroes laid out a battle map]

General Dedrich: Alright, here's how it's gonna be. [points a stick at a bridge] We'll, light up some dynamite and nitro glycerine, then we'll blow it up, then will make our way to the city battle many robots as we can till they're destroyed, then we'll deal with Sentinel's pillars...

Leadwing: And kaboom they're dust!

Our heroes: Right!

Mucker: Barret, you'll have to use Celestia's Minigun for this battle.

Barret Barricade: Me?

Brian: You're Celestia's wife, and you're just as strong as her.

Barret Barricade: Wel, I...

Vinny: You can't tell us you never used her Miningun before.

Barret Barricade: But that's just it, I haven't.

Rigby: Seriously? You didn't even try to?

Barret Barricade: I never asked her. But if I wanna get her back, I'll do it. I'll use it.

Zoe Trent: Hey guys, where's Pepper?

[Later back on the villains train we see Pepper and Mitzi being carried to seats and restrained]

Sideshow Bob: So, how does it feel being captured with your sweet-scent friend?

Pepper Clark: You guys are screwed up morons!

Sideshow Bob: Ah, put a sock into it joker.

Mitzi: What do you want from us!?

Sideshow Bob: Well, since Celestia, Luna, and Cadance are the Sith, Ernie and I agreed that once we captured Pepper Clark, I'm gonna turn both of you my Sith Apprentices.

Pepper Clark: WHAT THE WHAT?!

Sideshow Bob: That's right. [walks over to her] And not only that, they're gonna give you new memories by erasing your old ones, and replacing them with Dark ones.

Pepper Clark: [spits in his cheek]

Sideshow Bob: [wipes his cheek]

[Then Ernie appears on a TV screen]

Sideshow Bob: What is it?

Ernie: Get your butt down here, you're holding up the show.

Sideshow Bob: Relax I'm coming.

Pepper Clark: Sideshow Bob, you got what you guys want! Now let us go!

Sideshow Bob: I don't think so. [opens the slide door] Oh, by the way, we're having a party tomorrow night, and you 2 are invited. See you at the party. [closes the door]

Pepper Clark: I really hate that man.

[The machine turns on and it stings Pepper!]

Pepper Clark: AH!

[Then Mitzi's machine turns on and stings her]

Mitzi: [gasping]

Doctor: Keep still, fighting just makes it hurt.

[But Pepper starts to loose a joint from one of the restraints]

Doctor: If you don't keep still you'll end up killing yourself.

[But Pepper breaks free and impales the doctor's throat. Then she force pulls her lightsaber and cuts free]

Pepper Clark: Mitzi, hold on!

[She then kills the other doctors in the room and then frees Mitzi]

Pepper Clark: Mitzi are you alright?

Mitzi: Yeah, I think so. Now what?

Pepper Clark: We find the royals, free them, and get out of here. Let's go!

[The 2 leave the room]

[Later in the villains room, Ernie hangs up the phone in anger]

Ernie: Celestia, Luna, Cadance, kill them.

Princess Celestia: [in dark voice] Yes Master.

[The 3 leave. But as they do Ernie punches the table splitting it in 2]

[Soon the 2 skunks are on the train roof]

Mitzi: Wait, are we just gonna stand here?

Pepper Clark: No, we'll wait.

[But then clank! The royals are here]

Cadance: [dark voice] Hello, going somewhere?

[The 2 skunks and the 3 ailcorns activate their sabers and they began to duel]

Princess Luna: [dark voice] I've been looking forward to this.

Pepper Clark: You need to snap out of it!

Princess Luna: [dark voice] Why? This is fun!

Mitzi: No it's not! You need to snap out of it!

Cadance: Huh?

Princess Celestia: What?

[Soon the 3 groan and moan, soon the 3 close their eyes and the dark crystals break from their horns and the smokey trial burns out.]

Pepper Clark: Guys?

[Soon the 3 open their eyes all clear]

Cadance: Pepper, Mitzi? What happened? How did we get here?

Mitzi: Y'all were corrupted, and tried to kill us.

Princess Celestia: We tried to kill you?

Pepper Clark: Yeah.

Princess Luna: Oh, my! Girls we're so sorry.

Mitzi: It's alright.

[Then suddenly something turns on, and they turn back and witness a excavator!]

["The Treatment" starts playing]

Sideshow Bob: [on speaker] Hey girls, remember me?!

[It shows Sideshow Bob in the cockpit]

Sideshow Bob: Sideshow, Sideshow Bob is the name! [laughs]

[He drives forward they tried to shoot it, but no avail. But then Pepper Clark takes a chainsaw with small lightsaber blades out of nowhere and turns it on]

Sideshow Bob: Oh, that's good!

[Pepper jumps on the arm and begins cutting the arm]

Sideshow Bob: I'm coming! I'm coming for you, babies!

[He manages to scrap Cadance's left leg!]

Cadance: AAHH!!

[Soon Pepper manages to cut off the arm, but she falls down with it]

Sideshow Bob: What the crippin' heck did that little raccoon do?!

[He backs up the excavator as sparks fly]

Sideshow Bob: Damn, you piece of junk!

[Pepper grabs the chainsaw lightsaber and runs to the door]

Sideshow Bob: Hey, Pepper! I'm gonna squash you like a ant!

Pepper Clark: Sideshow Bob, HEY!! [uses the chainsaw lightsaber to make a hole]

Sideshow Bob: WHERE ARE YOU?!

[Soon he hears the noise, and looks over to the door]

Pepper Clark: SCREW YOU!!!

Sideshow Bob: [does the wilhelm scream]

Pepper Clark: YAH!! [punches the chainsaw lightsaber through the door and impales Sideshow Bob as he screams. And pulls the saw out] See you at the party, Sideshow Bob! [She throws the saw away] Now since that's taken care of, we need to get out of here.

Princes Celestia: Hop on my back.

[The 2 skunks do so]

Princess Celestia: Hang on!

[The 3 are flying in the skies]

Mitzi: [feeling the air on her face] Whoo hoo!

Pepper Clark: This is so awesome! It's like a dream! It's like a dream!

[The 3 royals laugh as the sun starts coming up]

[Then we see Shutdown]

Shutdown: What the hell do you mean part of the ship's been hijacked?!

Pilot: I don't know sir! They've must have snuck onboard while we were taking off.

Shutdown: [growls in anger] You feeble idiot! Shut down dark matter drives, reverse course to light speed and get us back to that planet!

Pilot: Yes, sir! Right away sir!

Shutdown: OpThomas has messed with the wrong bounty hunter. He has taken my trophy case, and now he and his friends and family will feel my wrath!