Here's how the highway chase and Optimus and Galvatron's battle goes in Brian and the Eeveelution Family's Adventures of Transformers: Age of Extinction. And also how Lockdown gets Optimus and Tessa.

Attinger: This is our chance. We have to stop him. You have to stop him.

Joshua: It's never been tested on the field. Labs, military bases, but not on civilian streets.

Attinger: Down there a Defense Department contract was just attacked in a terrorist attack. This is now a CIA military op. Your indemnified. Respond!

Gill: Let's go.

[In a control room]

Attinger: KSI Chicago, closest live sat, patch it in. Been an unprovoked Autobot attack.

Joyce: Bring up Galvatron.

Man: Transforming Galvatron.

Woman: [speaking on radio] Galvatron coming online.

Man: Bring up Stinger.

Woman: [speaking on radio] Stinger coming online.

[Galvatron and Stinger are now driving away]

Joshua: Let's show these alien terrorists what an upgrade looks like.

Air force operator 1: Galvatron and Stinger are moving to intercept targets.

[Galvatron and Stinger are moving fast]

Air force operator 2: Reapers, five targets in the open. Good picture.

[We see the Autobots on the screen]

Man: Two miles on intercept.

[We see Galvatron chasing the Autobots and our heroes]

Sunil Nevla: [looks back] Uh, guys? We got company!

Belle: Oh, for the love of pete!

Standing air force operator: 200 miters. Engage. Transform.

[When Galvatron transformed he slammed a truck]

Joshua: Whoa.

[Next Galvatron splits a car and destroys another one]

Joshua: We are programming this, right?

Man: Yes. Mostly.

Adagio Dazzle: What do you mean, "mostly"?

Air force 3: Systems seem to have malfunctioned.

Man: Targeting five bogeys. Engaging rockets. Missiles away.

Galvatron: [fires missiles but he missies and some of the Autobots and our heroes go another way]

Cade: Gotta haul butts, Bee! Come on!

[Stinger chases our heroes]

Man: Stinger is in pursuit.

[Stinger fires rockest and Galvatron does os to]

Man: Missfire, missfire, missfire, missfire!

Man 2: Systems failure. Galvatron just fired 4 rockets.

Shane: Whoa! They're shooting at us!


[Then, the missiles hit a truck, and cause it's trailer to jack-knife]

Cade and Shane: [yelling]

Brian and the guys: [screaming]

Zoe Trent: [screaming]

[Optimus and Bumblebee transform and jump.]

[Optimus catches Tessa, while Bee gets Cade, Shane, and our heroes. Optimus slams in a truck trailer and catches Cade, Shane, and our heroes. Bumblebee hangs down fires rockets at Galvatron but Galvatron avoids them]

Bumblebee: What was that?

Man: We need a full medical team now. Possible civilian causalities.

Joshua: I mean, you got a lot of people in the crossfire here, I don't like.....

Attinger: You're making history here. For your country, for the world. Human freedom is at stake. Innocent people die all the time.

[Back at the highway]

Cade: Come on, Optimus!

[Galvatron fires rockets]

[Cade and Shane jump out as Optimus transforms and hits his foot in front of a car with his foot]

Glaceon: Man, I hate it when they do that!

[Then, Optimus deploys his face mask]

Cade: Tessa!

[Optimus and Galvatron start they're fight]

Joshua: Make him fight. Don't let him go down. Make him fight!

Shane: Come on, come on, come on.

Cade: Tessa! Tessa! Tessa, run to the field!

[When she runs to the field Optimus and Galvatron are still fighting]

Optimus: You have no soul! [stabs Galvatron]

Galvatron: That is why I have no fear! You die! [throws Optimus]

[Optimus and Galvatron are fighting on the road again]

Tessa: Help me!

[However, a mysterious rocket comes out of nowhere and goes throughout Optimus!]

[Cade and Shane hide as everyone gasps in horror as Lockdown comes up]

[At KSI]

Darcy: What is that?

Attinger: That's my asset. Pull Galvatron back.

Joyce: Do it.

[Back at the chaos, Lockdown's face turns into a high-powered sniper rifle and fires at Optimus which wounds him as Galvatron leaves, Lockdown comes closer]

Eevee: Blythe. Quick, question. Who is that?

Blythe: You're asking me? I'm not Transformer expert!

Cade: I got to go get her.

[Tessa hides in the car]

Cade: Tessa!

Shane: [tackles him] Don't go out there, he'll kill you!

Cade: She needs my help!

Shane: She's hidden!

Tessa: Optimus, Optimus, get up, get up!

Optimus: I can't. Get out of here.

Lockdown: I feel sorry for you, Prime. Your allegiance these humans. The trouble with loyalty to a cause is; that cause, will always betray you.

Optimus: Who send you here?

Lockdown: Where did you think you came from? [scoffs] You think you were born? No. You were built. And your creators want you back. We all work for someone.

[A ship comes out and drops a net and captures Optimus and Tessa]

Brian: Optimus!

Cade: No.

Shane: It's got her! She's in the car!

Peter: Come on!

Cade: Tessa!

Shane: No!

Cade: Tessa!

Brian: Optimus!

[The ship gets ready to fly]

Tessa: Dad!

Cade: Tessa, get out! Get out! Tessa! [bangs the glass] Get out! Tessa!

Brian: Optimus!

Sylveon: Optimus!

Tessa: Dad, help me! Help me, help me, dad, dad!

Cade: [jumps and grabs on the net]

Tessa: Dad! Dad!

Cade: Tessa! Break the glass! Break the glass to get out!

Tessa: I'm trying! Dad!

Cade: Tessa, I can't hold on! Tessa! Just break the glass!

Tessa: Help me!

Cade: Tess... [lets go]

Brian: Optimus, Optimus! No! No! [he's hold back by Sylveon]

Sylveon: Brian, it's too late! He's gone!

Optimus: Cade, Brian, warn the Autobots!

Tessa: Dad, help me! Don't leave me!

Cade: No! [punches the ground]

Brian: No! [holds back some tears] No! [gets on his knees] Why Optimus, why Optimus! [slams his fist on the ground]

[Shane arrives while they both grieve]