Friend Like Iago is a song that was featured in Walt Disney World's The Enchanted Tiki Room: Under New Management.

The song, which parodies Friend Like Me, is sung by Iago, who tells the original Tiki birds that they need to become hip and modern or else they'll become unpopular and lose their show and audience.


Iago: 'Cause I'm a very famous movie star  and all of Hollywood drops my name

Who cares about Aladdin or Jafar,  I'm the one with all the looks and fame

I got a million crackers in the bank  and I plan to get a zillion more!

And you guys will all have me to  thank when they're lining up at the door

You are boring tiki birds, I'm a big celeb-birdy

That's why I'm gonna go and change the show,  ain't it great to have a friend like me

José: But señor, we've done the same show

Fritz: Yeah, since 1963

Iago: My, how time flies, get a life you guys!

You're ancient history

Can your tails do this?

Can your wings do that?

Can you bad birds sing

Hip hop or rap!

Can ya rock and roll

Well listen here

It's a whole new world so you better get hip

Or your audience will disap pear

I'm your showbiz magic lamp

Rub me right and I'll set you free

You've paid your dues, now you birds can't lose

Ain't it great to have a friend, great to have a friend

Ain't it great to have a friend, great to have a friend

You aint never, had a, friend, like me......

Ain't never had a friend like me


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