Everyone is thanking them for saving the island from K. Rool. Then Donkey Kong is giving Gumdramon a lift in the air even his friends are, and they landed here. Diddy look at Donkey Kong for a Thank you. And now all the People went back to Town, our Heroes saw the Waterfall

Diddy: I think I found it.

They are going to the Waterfall and saw the Crystal Coconut shining

Diddy: This is it.

Gumdramon: This is what you're looking for? But that means...

He stop him and they all listen to the sound of the water and then Candy, Dixie, Tiny, Funky, Donkey Kong and Cranky are here

Dixie: Wow.

Candy: The Waterfall. I fell all the way down here.

Diddy: Friends. Heart. Inside. Us.

Cranky: Oh. I see what you mean. Friends. Heart. Friends in our Hearts.

Gumdramon: Oh, so that what you mean.

Diddy: All the People who has many friends like us. But K. Rool lost his heart because he doesn't have any Friendship or friends. And he gave up his life. What I know is, if you don't have heart, you can't see you friends. If you don't have a heart, you don't have any Friends.

Then Shoutmon, Gumdramon, Jibanyan and USApyon look so sorry for what they did from the fight

Gumdramon: Your majesty. I'm... Sorry for what happen earlier.

Shoutmon: Yeah. I'm sorry for being mean to you.

USApyon: I'm so sorry, for being so mean to you, dani.

Jibanyan: I'm very sorry too, nyan.

Whisper: Alright. We're finally friends now.

Then the Crystal Coconut has opened, and then Gumdramon's Xros Loader is Glowing, and he knw what he must do. He aim it to the Symbol of Friendship and then it went into the Xros Loader. And then a Gear has comes out

Komajiro: A gear.

Komasan: But it's not our friend, zura.

Then Candy approach Whisper

Dixie: Looks like you have an admirer.

Whisper: Huh! No! No! No! Dazzebel will never like this, whis!

They laugh at him

???: How come the Heartless came from that world?

Myotismon: The Crocodile heart lured him.

It was his lust for power that was a perfect bait. But it sBeems that the bait was too tasty for his own good

???: Yeah. He got eaten instead.

Ganondolf: Hm. A weak-hearted fool like him could never control the Heartless. But the digimon is a problem. They found one of the Crest. And they will become powerful.

Myotismon: Don't worry. It will take ages for them to find the rest. Besides then didn't Realize our plan.

????: Yes. The Digidestined.

Myotismon: They are fallen into our hands one by one. Speaking of Which.

He look at Samus who look so scared


USApyon: We better leave, dani.

Candy: Where's your Plane?

Whisper: Somewhere around the Jungle.

Diddy: And take these with you, guys.

He give them some Weapons and Accessories to Shoutmon, Gumdramon and Damemon

They left

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